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I've lost zeal

Old 11-20-2016, 04:53 PM
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Default I've lost zeal

Has this ever happened to any of you. It started last year, sleeping in when I should have been in the stand, getting out of the stand when it was still light. Even passed on a respectable shooter.

Yesterday was the rifle opener(11-19) rain, wind so I didn't go. This morning perfect morning, didn't go. I get a phone call @ 8AM,my hunting pard thought I was in the stand, he shot a nice 8pt. needed a hand getting it out told him i'd be there in 1/2 hour(our stand are a 10min. walk apart) he ask why..."because i'm still home".

Went out this afternoon about 1:30 back in the truck @ 3:00 headed home. I guess i'm loosing the passion.

How the heck do I get it back?!?
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Old 11-20-2016, 05:06 PM
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I think many guys fall into ruts and loose some of the drive they once had, or I know I sure did,
for 30 yrs or so I was nuts about hunting, couldn;t hunt enough, and had 3+ months a yr off from Sept till mid Jan to hunt every day and I did pretty much, added as many states as I could to keep hunting as I filled deer tags from one state to another.

but then about 3 yrs ago now, I pretty much over night lost interest in logging in as many hrs as I used to, I now only hunt IF I really feel like it.
I did loose a bunch of my fav spots, when Friends passed away, and I do think a part of me, just misses the friendships we had and looked forward to seeing each other, come hunting season, as we all lived so far apart, all the more so my out of state friends, and even though I have access to lots of great places, not having them to visit, sucked the fun out of it it once had
was big into upland game hunting too, and when my dog passed away, that truely sucked the desire out of bird hunting, honestly haven't done any since his passing, was such a super dog, I cannot see filling his hoe's again, and no desire to want to even try to
SO many times its life itself that can cause loss of desire I guess, or is that death?

But I feel for you, as I am more like this now than ever . I do however find I enjoy hearing more about how others have been doing and seeing there success and failures, as they remind me of my own at times and I can relive them any time I want , memories are forever
hunting is, something , I say you do it as long as you enjoy it, then when you don't, don't force it, just enjoy what you did, and maybe some day you will come back at it again with the Passion you once had!
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Old 11-20-2016, 05:18 PM
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I've discovered the same thing myself.seems from the time I wake all I want is to go back to bed. no longer get excited about much of anything but just go through the motions.used to look forward to hunting , now it seems more like an unwanted chore.only reason I even still hunt is to stubborn to stop, knowing I will probably die if I do.
if you figure it out ,be sure to let us know the answer.
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Old 11-20-2016, 05:18 PM
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I don't hunt as hard as I used to, could care less about killing bucks so I go with a few close hunting buddies that I have hunted with for over 25 years, kill enough for the freezer and call it a season...I do go to some pheasant tower shoots and do still hunt squirrels, especially with my .40 caliber flintlock, to me it's about spending time in the woods and enjoying nature...
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Old 11-20-2016, 05:21 PM
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I pass on a lot of shots. I kind of figure I've had my share and let them go for the next guy or gal.

My favorite time of the hunt is the end anymore, I go for a walk, make a wide circle, check the tracks of what has been around and figure in my mind where they are likely to be the next time out. In other words, I get more satisfaction out of playing the game than making the shot anymore.

Then every once in awhile something happens that stays with you the rest of your life. I set up on a hill, a saddle, where the Hogs cross over from one food source to another. Put out a couple of handfuls of Corn so they'd stop and I'd get a better shot. A Badger showed up with her two almost grown pups, they started eating the Corn. Sounder of Hogs shows up, maybe seven. I watched them face off for the longest time, half an hour, seemed longer. Mama Badger and the Pups backed down seven Hogs. My guess is those Hogs had a run in with those badgers before and where keeping their distance. Still makes me smile thinking about it.

Don't know why exactly, but I found that really neat. I didn't shoot anything.
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Old 11-20-2016, 06:37 PM
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I lost a lot of my passion for hunting when my father passed away in 2013. He was always my hunting buddy and I haven't found anyone to take his place. I still hunt every year but I hunt alone and I treat it more like grocery shopping. 2 deer down for meat and I'm done for the season and I shoot the first legal deer I see.
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Oh Lord I hope n pray that we all never truly lose it, don't know yall age but I'm 48.life changes who we are ,when I first hunted it was public land and day leases and shot the first legal chance, then a lil older and a lease and hunted more hours than most ,self employed and searching for my trophy . I try not to take does from my spots even after I get him.older now I have a state record buck and 4 others and one that's even bigger .I really try to wait until I see my buck and even then have passed on excellent bucks just cause it's almost dark or too warm (I bow hunt almost always even in rifle season .I'm like a bird watcher only with deer , love to shot pigs and a doe excites me just like buck fever .I used to get in a stand on Friday till Sunday , now 6 hours is enough . Cameras killed some of my joy, I thought the party started at dark ,not as busy as I thought.i know I'm getting older but God Lord I pray I never get that old
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Am I the only one disappointed he got cameras , I like them but for example I have a tree stand it has a rub in a dry creek and i have taken a hog there but I thought it was magical and that my deer would come anytime and I know that's true but thanks to my camera I know they come about 2 hours after dark , only one doe has come at 10 am - have a blessed season yall
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This happened to me to a lesser extent two years ago. I'd become so focused on chasing deer I forgot what I loved about it. SO I put all the deer stuff down and went back to small game and found the passion again. This year I'm back to being deer crazy.. I have only gone for small game three times when I took my four year old step son... Find what makes you happy and do that. If it's no fun getting up early and being in a stand then don't get up early... Try to find ways to make it fun again. Maybe try some traditional equipment, or stuff you haven't used before. maybe try getting into long range shooting and eventually hunting. Mix it up.
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I'll be turning 70 soon been hunting since I was 9 for small game and deer since 1963. I've lost count on the number of bucks I have gotten but well over 100. Was tough to continue to hunt in the late 1970's when dads friends started bringing their kids so I started hunting some place else and was mostly hunting alone. By the early 1980's I was able to go back and hunt my folks farm and woods for deer (My real passion.) I started getting some really nice bucks out of there bruisers many close to 200 pounds and none smaller than a 8 point. Word got out and dads friends returned with their kids and grand kids. Finally gave up and bought my own UPPER Michigan deer camp. 1992 first year hunting there alone with Kare back at camp since she doesn't hunt her self. 1993 had a very close friend hunting partner go with me and 1994 4 other guys. The last one died in 2005, I did 2006 alone there but wasn't the same 2007 invited 2 guys from work a pair of A holes that invited a brother in law with out asking me and were so lazy they could not get out of their own stink.
2008 found me hunting my little patch of 10 acre woods here at home alone and I have come to love it.
Have gotten some nice bucks here, sleep in a nice warm house and have some one that cooks dinner and supper for me.
She even tells me about a nice buck like yesterday the one in the front yard. I suspect I will die deer hunting or at least in the woods with a deer near by.

I was getting ready to go out and walk my dogs.

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