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Deer snorting

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Default RE: Deer snorting

Sat. morning,just at dawn I had a deer down wind of me blow three times.I don' t know if it was smelling me of my ther-cell????????? it stopped after three times.about 3 or 4 min. later a doe came down the trail that leads down wind.(I don' t know if it was the same deer or not).she didn' t seem disturbed or scard.about 10 15 min. later a nice 6 pt. came along the same trail and I took him at about 15 yards.

some times they blow because they just don' t know what something is,and then they go on there way.

I have saw 5 or 6 deer in a food plot,when one would all of a sudden blow,throw her tail up stomp off stiff legged.the rest would just keep on feeding.other times they will all look up and prance away.look around,come back and feed on.
What they think is weird.I think all the snorts and blows mean a lot of different things.
If you can blow back,or bleat a doe blate,it " sometimes" clams they some.JMHO
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Default RE: Deer snorting

Tazman, I hope that you are correct. Last weekend I had set up my penthouse blind and had 6 deer snorting for over 15 minutes. I really don' t believe they winded me. I thought for sure they just saw the blind and were skiddish because of the blind. I took every precaution I could think of to be scent free(I know it' s never 100%). I' m guessing that they were just curious about the blind because they kept coming over a little hill and staring and stomping at the blind. One of them stared, stomped, and snorted for at least 4-5 minutes and then casually walked off.
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Default RE: Deer snorting

I had it happen to me a few years back, going to my spot while dark on the first day of buck season in PA, and had a few blowing right at my spot. Well around 8am like clock work my buck showed and i filled my tag. There have been times though when I had this happen and didnt see a thing the rest of the day. I wouldnt give up on it though.

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Default RE: Deer snorting

From my experiences of deer hunting the ones that do the most snorting is an old long-necked doe with fawns, The old mature bucks don' t stand around and carry on like the does do, if they recognize something wrong they will just slip out of the area as quietly as they can, I have had them to slip right back out the way they came without hardly making a sound.
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Default RE: Deer snorting

That is the alarm system of the deer, it will alert every deer that can
hear it that something is wrong, try going to your stand earlier.
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Default RE: Deer snorting

It really may not help going to the stand earlier. Its always a crap shoot. My experience says its best to hunker down if you are moving when it happens. They seldom go far and often are simply trying to provoke a reaction. Horses do it. Bulls do it.

You HAVE BEEN SPOTTED when it happens.
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Default RE: Deer snorting

After you get snorted, I think the area should calm down in fifteen minutes or so just like when you walk into your tree and move deer. Also, there are two types of snorts and both signal that something isn' t right. The snort we all hear is the deer expelling air through its nose and the nasal flaps moving back and forth. There is a second higher pitched snort that the deer all seem to react instantly to. This one seems more serious. They may snort to get your scent better, my beagle does this when running a rabbit. After he is on trail for several minutes he pushes air out his nose. I think it is kinda like blowing his nose for better scenting. They may use the snort like they stomp their foot, to get you to move and show yourself and they sure use it to tell every deer around that there is something that just doesn' t look right in the area. In any case it isn' t a good noise.

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