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Deer snorting

Old 10-05-2003, 06:29 PM
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Default Deer snorting

Seems to happen to me a few times each year. Ill be heading to or from the stand and will hear a deer jump in the woods but unable to see it. Then it will make a ' ' SNORTING' ' type noise at me. What is the " snorting" mean, and is there anyway to lure these deer into shooting range?
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Default RE: Deer snorting

When a deer " snorts" or " blows" , it means it has become alarmed and is warning other deer of possible danger. It is possible to call them in if they are unsure of what spooked them. I have had success using a doe bleat to call in a buck that was blowing at me. Usually though, when they snort or blow, the gig is up!
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Old 10-05-2003, 07:14 PM
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Default RE: Deer snorting

It happens alot when they are down wind of you and they get a good whiff, if thats the case its over.

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Default RE: Deer snorting

I' ve had deer see me, I' ve grunted and they stopped. I know they saw me but don' t think they were sure of what I was. I think if a deer smells you then it' s over.
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Default RE: Deer snorting

I hate when you get busted and blown at. I had a doe bust me on the ground in the dark one time,and she kept coming back and blowing over and over. You just know that you might as well go back home, because every deer within a mile has heard the warning. Why can' t the deer just stay in the fields till light like they are suppose to ?
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Default RE: Deer snorting

Treedog, the same exact thing happened to me this morning. I jumped three deer.
The funny thing was, about 10 min. after I annitially jumped them, one of them started grunting. But that blowing noise is the weirdest noise I have ever heard.

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Old 10-06-2003, 03:49 AM
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Default RE: Deer snorting

If you can see the deer that is snorting...lok at the tail, it will tell you what the deer is thinking(sort of).

If it is hanging down, no problem if it is twitching slowly no problem, if it' s twitching fast he is nervous. If it is sticking straight out, he is unsure of what is wrong, and thinks something is out there but not sure about it, has no idea where the danger might be but doesn' t really want to run away, he can still be called in ar calmed down with the proper grunt. If the tail is up in the air, the deer is usually running, and cannot be called.
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Old 10-06-2003, 06:29 AM
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Default RE: Deer snorting

Wrong way,

I wouldn' t suggest going home if a deer busts you and starts blowing. If they stop blowing and move on to a different area odds are still pretty good that something might walk past. It happened to me sunday at 6:30 a.m. and by 7:00 deer were coming through the area. The ones that came past at 7:00 may not have been within hearing distance of the blowing though, but who know?. I also heard a theory once that a deer' s brain is not advanced enough for long term memory, and therefore they will " forget" after about 15 minutes of any danger. It makes sense. Otherwise in the wild deer would leave the area forever if they saw a wolf, coyotes, or cougars as well as man. Obviously this doesn' t happen.
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Old 10-06-2003, 07:34 AM
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Default RE: Deer snorting

I agree with handles, just because you have a deer blow does not mean it is time to go home, another thing is if the deer keeps coming back and blowing they have not got your scent, the only thing they are doing is trying to find out what you are, they will even stomp their feet trying to get you to move and give away your exact location. If you respond with a doe bleat they may very well come in to find the doe. Now if a deer blows and has your scent they are out of there!!!! That does not mean that other deer will be gone forever, as handles stated, they have very short memories.
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Default RE: Deer snorting

When they snort they are alarmed or are trying to figure out exactly whats wrong with that bush. Either way it usually ends in a snorting scamper by the deer. You can try grunting, bleating or even snorting back at them to calm their nerves(however they then know exactly where that noise came from and it may result in many more snorts). Sometimes if they snort once or twice I just remain motionless and avoid eye contact with them. I have had on more than one occasion them cautiously go back to their business. Yet other times, especially does with fawns they keep locked on and blowing every 30 seconds or so, in these cases I will often stand up, wave...really anything to get them to flee the scene. However I would never suggest leaving just because you get snorted, it happened on Friday evening to me when I had 3 young bucks come with in a few feet of my ground location, all was good until the last of the 3 locked on my eyes[:@]. He than stopped and stomped, which stopped the other 2 and then the furtherest started to blow, this went on for a good couple of minutes until finally the first one circled and caught my wind which made them leave in a hurry. Not 15 minutes later I had 3 mulie does come out and I promptly stuck an arrow in the biggest one(which is what I was hunting that night). So you just never know what may happen if you just stay put and hang tight[8D].
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