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Relieving yourself in the woods?

Old 09-30-2003, 08:15 AM
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Default Relieving yourself in the woods?

O.K....I gotta have a few cups of coffee in the a.m. before climbing into my stand. I used the Extra Bladder Bags last year, but what a hassle those are. Cabelas has a urine bottle that you wash out after each use, but do you put something into the bottle to scent proof it? The bladder bags have something in them that supposely kills the smell. Any suggestions(besides don' t drink coffee) or methods that seem to work well? For some reason they never show the Primos or Mossy Oak Prostaffers covering this issue.

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Default RE: Relieving yourself in the woods?

I am not sure there is any evidence that shows that deer can determine human urine from other animal' s urine. I certainly try not to relieve myself where I have decided to hunt, but if Mother Nature calls...that call is answered and I do not feel it jeopardizes my chances. I also know other folks that could care less about where they urinate and others that wouldn' t leave hunting camp without their " bottle" .
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Default RE: Relieving yourself in the woods?

isnt ther some movie though that some lasy gets pissed at hunters and she starts peeing everywhere so that the deer will go away and ruin the hunters chance? i could have swore that i saw this and i know it is just a movie but just thought that i would through this bit of info ur way, who_else
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Default RE: Relieving yourself in the woods?

I brought this topic up quite a while ago and I can tell you that most people seem to just let it fly I never have used anything and have had to hurry to get ready for a shot. Some guys even go in scrapes they find. I don' t think human urine will spook deer.
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Default RE: Relieving yourself in the woods?

I agree with those who have said it doesn' t matter. Deer smell the urine of other animals all the time---both herbivores and carnivores. Everything pees in the woods. I don' t think it matters much, if at all.
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Default RE: Relieving yourself in the woods?

Heck, I pee right off the stand if I have to. I have actualy had it still hanging out and a doe with a fawn came out of the thicket.
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Default RE: Relieving yourself in the woods?

I can tell you after years of jars and ziplocs...I am now inost cases just letting her fly! The only time I will still carry pee bottles, is in a ground blind...not for deer but my own nose..lol. Since adopting the new standard my game sightings or harvests haven' t been impacted. In fact last night I took a piss right by a willow bluff(well I was planning on going further back but I notice 2 bucks making there way in my direction so I picked small sage/willow bluff off the trail) Any hew the 2 bucks one a 4x4 and the other 5x4- strolled right on by me within 20 yards and slightly upwind of my p, they did stop and look that way, then kept going. I just don' t know if it really matters, I have heard guys who treestand hunt have had deer come and smell the tree the p' d on from their stand.
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Default RE: Relieving yourself in the woods?

Who else, that movie was Doc Hollywood which was a good movie until they started the anti hunting peeing routine.

I will tell this story for what it' s worth concerning relieving yourself. I had finished hunting one morning and was standing on a logging road looking down hill at a sage field. I was waiting for my pardner and when he showed up we talked while standing there, not trying to be quite. The wind was blowing down the hill over the sage field. The urge hit me and I said excuse me and turned away and hung it out. A few seconds after the urine started flowing, deer started jumping up all over that sage field. They were bedded in there and the talking didn' t bother them but as soon as they smell my urine they broke like hell, blowing and running like the dickens. Maybe my urine had a particularly bad odor that day, I don' t know, but it sure as heck broke the deer out. I also know a guy in Alabama that does a lot of hunting with drives involving two or more people. When the shooters get set, this guy urinates so the wind will carry the smell through the area being driven. He says alot of times that will jump the deer and the drive isn' t necessary.
That' s my two cents worth and except for this experience, I can' t deny anything anybody else has said. Theres' been times when I had to go from my stand and had deer come by 15 minutes later. So what' s the answer, I' m not sure, but I try to take as few chances to scare the deer as possible but I won' t bust my bladder to do it.
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Default RE: Relieving yourself in the woods?

Human urine won' t alarm deer, unless a human gives the animal reason to feel threatened, thus, associating the odor with danger. This is one good reason to keep your " nature breaks" to an absolute minimum, helping your chances if you spook an animal during a hunt. Try to be careful from spooking any deer after a break. Wait until well after dark before getting out of a stand or a blind. If deer are in the immediate area, barking like a dog is my favorite trick to ward off any remaining deer in a field. The deer will leave without being startled enough to never come back, in fact, they will go right back to their normal routine usually within an hour with no harm done.
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Default RE: Relieving yourself in the woods?

I have never used anything but the ground. I have read several articles about studies that used different kinds of urine in a deer scrape, including human urine, and it did not spook deer. They continued to use the scrape.

Yeah, I still watch Doc Hollywood from time to time. Makes me mad everytime they get to that scene, so I just leave and go take a pee!
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Quick Reply: Relieving yourself in the woods?

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