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Relieving yourself in the woods?

Old 10-05-2003, 07:38 PM
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Default RE: Relieving yourself in the woods?

I always carry a bottle in my backpack to pee into. Why take a chance.
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Default RE: Relieving yourself in the woods?

just let it fly if im walkin if im sittin in a stand it is most lilet a natural blind so i will just dig a hole at the back of it and piss there then cover it up never seamed to spook deer away and i mean also we have deer comein in to my dads place in the U.P of michigan and they will walk right to the back door so i would say it is all on the deer
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Default RE: Relieving yourself in the woods?

All I can say is You folks that are just letting it fly evidently don' t hunt in an area that gets lots of hunter pressure. I hunt on some public grounds that get a good amount of pressure and I can say that more times than I care to remember I have witnessed hunters urinating near my treestand and have seen some severe reactions from any deer that nosed those pee spots. They were gone in an instant, or retreated very deliberately and cautiously, and at full alert! I carry a pee bottle, even when I still hunt.
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Default RE: Relieving yourself in the woods?

I really don' t think it matters, last year I had to go bad, stepped out of the blind
and with my pants down in came three does. I did end up shooting one of them.
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Default RE: Relieving yourself in the woods?


you had me intrigued with this question. I flipped over to TR Michels board here and asked the question. Sorry it took so long but he was out of town. here is his reply:

In a test at the U of GA, deer didn' t react to human urine any different than deer urine. But, some experts say deer can smell the protein from the meat in a predators urine. If that is true, they MAY stay away from it. To be safe, I never urinate, or defecat, anywhere near my stand. If I have to go, I get away/down from the stand or use a urine bottle with a cover.
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