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Scent Control Question

Old 09-23-2003, 08:30 AM
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Default Scent Control Question

Hey Guys,

I am heading out for deer hunting the second week of November. I am currently on crutches and don' t know if I will be off them before then. I am guessing that I may have to use them to get to my watch position.

The problem in my eyes will be scent control. The other day I went for a 2 km hike on trails (not straight through the bush) and I was sweating like an SOB.

We have to wear blaze in Ontario and when I am walking to my watch, I plan to wear a simple vest and as little shirts as possible. I will have to pack my big coat, additional shirts my rifle and backpack in with me. I will put these things on once I stop sweating enough.

With regards to scent control, what should I do?

Put it on before I go in and before I start sweating?
Put it on once I get to the watch?
Wait until I stop sweating before I put it on?

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Default RE: Scent Control Question

Sorry to hear that you will be on crutches for deer season!
I had a fall myself and I am going to miss the first week or so of bow season. That is not too big of a deal down here though, it is usually much too hot the first week of bow season.
Now to your question, I would be sure to leave plenty early enough to give yourself time to get to the stand. That way you can take your time and not sweat as much.
I would wait to put on any heavy clothes after you get where you are going. That way your coat would not be really sweaty.
Getting your heavy clothes sweaty will end up making you cold after you sit down and start hunting. Also putting your coat on after you get there should help a little by containing your scent. Good luck!
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Default RE: Scent Control Question

Sorry to hear about your situation, hope your ready come season. I always dress in layers and wear as light as possible for the walk in. Then gear up when i reach my sitting point or points. I spray down before I leave, once I arrive and throughout the hunt. Never can be too sure and the stuff is pretty cheap so why woory about it. I would be more concerend about getting cold from the sweat up from the walk in & getting chilled while sitting! Make sure to not wear cotton, use a polyproplene long sleeve shirt/LJ' s & wool or fleece layers. Pack some glove/mitts with hot hands(hand warmers). appropriate head/neck wear, some high protein snacks, water to drink or cup of soup if you like some warm liquid with a little food value (hot H20 is another good one).
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Default RE: Scent Control Question

[] Sorry to hear about your condition...your idea of carrying in your heavy clothing is excellent provided you have them in a sealed bag so they will not be contaminated with other scents from your vehicle, etc....when you are about 75-100 yards from your watch, stop, let yourself cool down, spray yourself liberally with a scent control/blocker and then put on your scent free clothing that you packed in & continue to your watch. Don' t forget to change footwear & if that is not possible to liberally douse them with scent blocker/controller as well! If you wait till you get to your watch to coll down & change, you will contaminate your watch area with your (not to be rude) foul smelling sweat....[X(].....good luck & take care............Brampton Mike [8D]
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Default RE: Scent Control Question

No matter how carefull you are the deer can still smell ya. So I wouldn' t worry about it to much. Carry in your heavy gear, spray yourself down a few times along the way and hunt with the wind in your face.

I think movement is far worse in scaring deer than scent.
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Default [Deleted]

[Deleted by Admins]
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