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tree stands any good methods on how to build them?

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Default tree stands any good methods on how to build them?

any methods on good cheap stands how can i make them and where can i get the materials.
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Default RE: tree stands any good methods on how to build them?

The easiest way to get a GOOD stand that I now of is this. Find four trees in a square or close to square pattern. Run planks or whatever your using depending on the size of the square from each one in a square again. Now just lay more planks over these and nail them down for something to stand on. Then just build yourself a ladder and your set. If you want you can put some supports under it but thats not usually necessary.

If you cant find four trees in this pattern, 3 in a triangle will work also.
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Default RE: tree stands any good methods on how to build them?

And in a couple years it will be ready to fall out of the tree.
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Default RE: tree stands any good methods on how to build them?

For the money you are going to spend on stuff to build one, you can buy an actual tree stand (lock on) and you won' t have to worry about it.
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Default RE: tree stands any good methods on how to build them?

If you have any type of carpentry skills you can make a 3' by 4' stand for about 60.00(self standing or tie against a tree). I have built a couple over the years and they are strong and will last for atleast 5 years probably more, I would take them down before they had a chance to be unsafe. If you can find a lumber yard and ask for scraps then all you' ll have is the cost of screws. If you do build between trees(I would not) make sure they can handle the load and always check to make sure nothing has shifted loose. I know alot of people that have built there own out of wood and they were just as safe if not safer then store bought. Just remember you are going to be up there with a gun, knife etc... MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING, and be safe. If you know how to weld and work with metal you could also make a stand pretty cheap.
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Default RE: tree stands any good methods on how to build them?

I agree with O2bhntn....these days, you can buy a good ladder stand at Wal-Mart for about what you would spend on pressure treated lumber to build one. I' ve done it both ways and I can tell you the two-man ladder stand you can get at Wal-Mart for $98 is much lighter, easier to put up, and has plenty of room and is plenty comfortable. Plus...unlike most home-built stands, you can move the ladder stand when you need to becuase its not nailed to the tree. I have two fantastic home-built stands on my property that I spent lots of money and effort on that I dont hunt anymore because of changes in the deer movement patterns over the last 5 years...sure wish I could move those suckers now....
Good luck!
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Default RE: tree stands any good methods on how to build them?

Go to Home Depot . They throw away any and all warped lumber. With any luck you can ask the guys and they will tell you when they put it in the dumpster. Now it is free and find a tree with split limbs and build between the 2 and the tree will grow and the stand stays safe. We have stands ten years old and they are fine. Three trees grow at different rates thats why you want one split tree. Most stands take about 6-2x4,' s cut at various lenghs. Make sure it is treated wood though.
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Default RE: tree stands any good methods on how to build them?

I have never built a treestand from wood, but I have built a ton of treehouses is the same configurations. Nailing or bolting 2x4s to trees is difficult to do well. One thing I DID learn is that you NEVER cross over between two trunks. When the wind blows they move relative to each other and will pull out or break any wood between them.

It is much safer if you are going to do this if you build it all on one trunk. 2 2x4s for the base (in a triangular pattern, meeting 3 feet behind the tree), 2 more for the downward diagonals, three for the frame around the platform. It can be done safely if you understand that everything is moving in the woods and learn to design to accommodate that movement. Plus, never use nails. Treated decking screws and lag bolts and screws only.

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