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Let' s share some hunting stories!

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Default RE: Let' s share some hunting stories!

Jimmy that was the BEST hunting story I have ever heard!!! Man that actually brought a lump to this old goats throat, you shake your friends hand for me and tell him if he is not a father he will be a darn good one when he becomes one!
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Default RE: Let' s share some hunting stories!

Now THAT is true sportsmanship. It would be nice to think any hunter in that situation would have done the same, but sadly many people would not have acted as unselfishly as he did. He made that young hunter' s day for sure, and that is something the kid will remember always.
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Default My Muzzleloader Buck

This is a story about my first (and so far only) muzzleloader buck.

In muzzleloader season of ' 99, my father and I headed north (I was living downstate at the time) to do some hunting. He had bought himself a nice little T/C white mountain carbine, but I had no ML to hunt with, so we stopped by Wal-Mart and picked up a CVA staghorn for $90. It was the cheapest model they had, and I was low on cash.

The next morning we awoke to a blanket of fresh snow. Normally I wouldn' t go hunting with a gun until I had practiced with it, but circumstances didn' t allow for that so I had to make do. I loaded it up with 90 grains of pyrodex and a buffalo bullet, paced off to about thirty yards and fired at a knot on a stump. I was happy to see the bullet hit it' s mark perfectly! I reloaded and put my hunting clothes on, then headed into the woods.

My father decided to head up on top of a ridge, and I had a spot in mind where I had seen good buck sign earlier in the year. It was a natural funnel connecting the thick cedar swamp where the deer like to bed, to a saddle on top of the ridge that also acted as a funnel.

I had a good feeling about that day - I seemed to sense I would be in for some excitement. When I reached my spot and was getting situated, a deer started blowing at me. It was very close, and I was caught off guard. I couldn' t see it, but something told me it was a buck. I grabbed my call and started blowing a few doe bleats, hoping the deer wasn' t too spooked yet. I immediately heard footsteps heading in my direction, so I grabbed my gun and got ready. The deer came trotting right through the funnel, and I saw that he was a nice buck! I stopped him with a pathetic sounding grunt from my mouth, then I lined up the open sights behind his shoulder and touched it off. Through the cloud of smoke I saw the buck drop, but he was struggling to get back up. I started frantically reloading my gun - powder, bullet, ramrod. In my excitement I failed to push the rod in to the point where I had marked it off. I walked up to within 10 yards of the buck, aimed behind the ear, then pulled the trigger. POOF! The bullet dropped out of the end of the barrel! I had only one pre-measure load left, so I decided I had to make it count. This time I was careful and took my time loading the gun. This time the gun fired and the deer was dead instantly. As I suspected, my first shot had been too high and hit him in the spine. My father was not far away, and by the time I had fired the third time he had been just out of sight. He came over and asked if I had shot. My wide grin gave it away " Yeah, got a nice 8 pointer!"

The drag out was easy, since it was all downhill and the snow made the deer slide nicely. I had him out to the road within 15 minutes, just in time to see my father pull up with the truck. At the tagging station we threw him on the scale - 185 pounds dressed, not bad for so late in the season. Before the rut he undoubtedly would have been well over 200 pounds.

This is the only picture i still have of that buck......it' s not the greatest but I thought I' d share it with you guys anyway. This was back when I had long hair hehe........don' t laugh

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Default RE: Let' s share some hunting stories!

Thats a big buck. The rack is really thick too. Nice story..
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Default RE: Let' s share some hunting stories!

those are some great experiences guys , and some great pics too , thanks . hopefully i' ll be able to have some of the experiences with monster trophies like some of you have had
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Default RE: Let' s share some hunting stories!


Here’s a story about my first two deer. I have only hunted for 2 years and I got both these deer last year (2002).

November 12, 2002

We weren’t having a bunch of luck so the old boys decided we’d head out to a place about an hour away. My buddy had been there before and was completely unimpressed. I was assigned to a watch and climbed up the side of a hill to overlook a small funnel. The only problem, the area was completely overgrown. The guy who put me there said he climbed to the top of the hill and looked back and felt sorry for me. I could barely see through to the other side of the ravine, could see nothing below and to the right and had a reasonably good view to the left.

The run was supposed to take and hour and a half. After only 15 minutes I hear a bristling sound on the other side. [] It continued for what felt like 10 minutes and my heart was leaping out of my throat. I breathed slowly in an attempt to calm down. I just knew this wasn’t a squirrel. Finally I thought I saw something through the window. Knowing it wasn’t a dogger, I looked through my scope (yes I will be using binoculars next time [&:]) and didn’t know I was looking directly at a deer until it jumped out of my scope. There were just too many trees, branches and the colour blended in perfectly. Damn! I missed a good chance. The bristling continued and I knew my chance wasn’t gone for good. The sounds ventured left and I strained for another view.

Suddenly I heard a couple of grunts. I looked back at the original spot and could clearly see the deer this time. Through my scope I quickly confirmed that it was a buck and I aimed and fired my first shot. Nothing! I stood up and fired again. This time my shot was good. Unfortunately for him, he was on top of a hill and I listened as he fell to the bottom. I spotted the tail end of the other deer taking off and had no time for a shot.

Holy man was I ever pumped. I hit him and he was down. My first deer! It was almost like an out of body experience. [8D]

A few minutes later, I heard movement again and thought the other deer was coming back. The heart pounded once again, but the movement stopped. I figured it might have been my deer once again.

I waited for the half hour and finally radioed that I was going to look for it. I went in the first time with no luck. I went back to my spot, set my compass and went straight in. This time I found the landing spot at the bottom of the hill with no problems. However, no deer. Now I knew that the second sounds were my deer moving and that he didn’t go far.

I radioed my buddy and he told me to go back, sit tight and wait for a dogger before I started tracking. It was another hour before anyone made it but I was walking on air. I re-examined the shot and realized that my first shot only travelled about 25 feet before hitting a branch. [:@]

Back at the spot, there was lots of blood and kicked up leaves and we began to trail. The blood stopped quickly and we were having a hard time. I was starting to get real nervous that we wouldn’t find it when I noticed a faint trail of kicked up leaves. I followed it for only a few feet turned around a tree and found my buck lying under a tree. [:-] I had hit it good, but the bullet deflected and buried itself in the leg. It was a weird bounce, but didn’t penetrate the gut at all. That’s why the trail was so poor. It was a young nine pointer (with one brow tine broken off) that field dressed at 182 lbs. What a great experience. I was feeling 10 feet tall.

November 15, 2002

It was a beautifully cold day, the kind where walking on leaves is like crunching corn flakes. We did our first run of the day and I got spun around in the bush. I made it out no problem, but I was really peeved that it happened. Then I was sent out once again (to boost my confidence no doubt) and I got lost again [:@] – go figure. Turns out that time that I was only about 250 metres from where I was supposed to be and that what looked like a lake on a map was now a swamp. Man did I ever take a beating. Lost twice in one day.

My buddies asked me if I could follow the four wheeler trail back to the truck (smart as*es), which remarkably I managed to do quite well. [&:] I picked a log to sit on and made sure to sweep the leaves away from my feet.

Again, only 15 – 20 minutes later I heard the cornflakes sound behind me. A buck was cutting behind me about 40 yards away. He obviously didn’t see me (out in the open, smoking a cigar, wearing hunter orange, standing up, spinning around) and it was a good thing I cleared those leaves. I fired the first shot and missed again. He stopped and I quickly dropped him with the second shot. He was an absolutely beautiful 10 pointer that field dressed at 200 lbs even. He was almost perfectly symmetrical and I roughed scored him at approximately 130.

What a fantastic year. It’s obvious why I think of nothing else but hunting and cannot wait until this year’s adventures.

ONLY 54 DAYS TO GO!!! [8D]

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Default RE: Let' s share some hunting stories!

Congrats on your first 2 deer Taxman. Hope you have an enjoyable and successful season this year!
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