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Do u believe in scent lock?

Old 07-15-2011, 07:31 AM
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No way. Your breath is the worst scent anyway and scent clothing does not help that.
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No,I do not. I think it is a money maker like so much deer hunting stuff that is not needed to be a successful hunter. Learning how to hunt from a seasoned hunter is a better investment of time without all the money being spent on the latest gizzmo from savy marketers.
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If you think you can fool a deers nose and you hunt up wind cause you think you can trick the deer into thinking your scent is farther away, I would say your hurting your chances...
I would also venture to say that if you spend an hour a day, or even a 1/2 hour getting ready or getting "clean" that could of been spent hunting, the hunting time lost will cost you many more bucks than the time spent washing and dressing will ever gain.
They get down wind they smell you... They know your there. Nothing you can do about except watch where you walk and play the wind.
I think all that advertising and product endorsement works... Because most guys will claim the stuff works despite all the tests proving it fails. However, I don't see any of the believers purposely setting up up wind of the deer at ground level...
Why not?
I am not saying don't shower. Just saying that it does very little to help you. I know I feel a lot better hunting right after a shower. But the skin cells we shed are not stopped by showering, or even slowed. There is no evidence at all that being clean helps or being smelly hurts or wearing some magic suit helps. Our odor is so strong to a deer that the minute difference is basically nothing to a deer...

Deer have 297 million olfactory receptors in the nose, plus a vomeronasal organ... YOU have 5 million olfactory receptors in the nose, and no vomeronasal organ...
I believe they can process the scent age by breakdown and know about how fresh it is.
Saying less scent will spook less seems like a false statement to me...
Wearing rubber boots and spraying your self with scent remover may reduce your scent to you... But to a deer that smells 100 million times better than you with a vomeronasal organ to break it down the minimized scent is still incredibly strong and reveals you were there...
Its equivalent to getting all out sprayed by a skunk at point blank range and then taking a wet rag and trying to wash the scent off you... When you get home, your wife is still going to smell it.
We are not talking about an animal that can smell "a little" better than us... We are talking about an animal that smells millions of times better.
You could take away a deers sight and hearing and it would survive. Take away his nose and he would perish. They rely on there nose more than there eyes, and ears combined.
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Old 07-15-2011, 08:19 PM
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Very Good Dan. This link to another post will explain better what Dan is saying about the skin cells we shed.
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On another site someone said that Field and Stream had a new article about scent clothing and they said it didn't work. Another guy said an article that he read said a trial with a trained lab found every concealed person wearing scent stuff with no problem.
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Default Shedding some light

Not trying to spam here just trying to shed some light on our technology and what it does for you in the woods. First, we completely agree with all of you...partially. There is no substitute for being a smart hunter and situating your stands for the wind to work in your advantage.

We always say that nothing can make up for poor hunting habits. If you pump gas in your hunting clothes or wear your activated carbon in the house, you are only hurting yourself and not utilizing the ability of the activated carbon clothing. That being said if you use good woodsmanship and store your activated carbon clothing properly, it will definitely give you an edge. I like to explain it to people that it's a tool that will buy you time and provide opportunities.

To explain what I mean imagine this scenario. You are in your treestand 30 yards from a thick swamp. There is a slight swirling wind that you know will have the deer on edge. A nice buck steps out and you can tell that he senses something, but can't quite locate it or identify where it is. It might seem like he is catching a sense of danger from 60 or 100 yards off, but it's not enough to spook him. He takes a few more cautious steps providing you with a perfect broadside shot. Due to your good scent control practices and your activated carbon Scent-Lok clothing, you are at least half the distance to that deer than he thinks you are.

So by using our products you will not only see more deer, but likely have more chances at deer within effective range. If you weren't wearing Scent-Lok that deer would have likely gotten a stronger whiff of you and would have never even stepped out from the thick cover.

As far as the cost is concerned, I guess that depends on what your description of "worth it" is. If you are already investing hundreds if not thousands of dollars in bow/gun equipment, trail cameras, leases, gas to and from your hunting spot, etc. wouldn't you want to pay just a few dollars more to gain an extra edge on the deer you spend so much time hunting? Our activated carbon technology clothing is only about $50-$75 more than what you would pay for quality NON activated carbon clothing. So for just $50 more you are getting scent control technology in a garment that is some of if not the most durable and high quality fabrics and feel that you will find anywhere. For as much time and money I invest in chasing whitetails, I want to make sure I can have every advantage and odd in my favor.

Is it the magic fairy dust that is going to solve every issue? Definitely not, but with good scent control practices, using your head and doing your homework Scent-Lok can do for you what it has done for thousands of others and that's allow you to see more deer and give you more opportunities than you have had before.

Again, not trying to spam here, just trying to provide some information. We love seeing topics like this being discussed by hunters. You guys are the first priority for manufacturers like us. We have always and will always continue to strive to bring you the best most effective products in hunting apparel. Stay safe and good hunting!

Scent-Lok Technologies
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I think if you take the necessary precautions...showering etc and use scent lock...then play the wind right...you are money, the best that could be done
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I would not mind a scent lok suit....just not to the point where I want to spend that much money on clothes. I have had plenty of success using Scent Away/ Dead Down Wind products that I just have not bothered buying activated carbon clothes. If I find a good deal I might try it out.

It might give you a slight edge, but you still have to play the wind and store your clothes properly....
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I had bought a scent lok suit that was on sale just to try it out, now I have 4 different carbon based clothing suits lol Do I think it works? Definitely! Its not gonna eliminate 100% of human odor but i for sure think it helps.
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Field and Stream did a test in this months issue, the dog found the guy at the same time (~15 sec) in all three scenarios (stinky, scent spray, and full suit). spend the money on a new gun or bow instead. Play the wind.
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