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Default Shedding some light

Not trying to spam here just trying to shed some light on our technology and what it does for you in the woods. First, we completely agree with all of you...partially. There is no substitute for being a smart hunter and situating your stands for the wind to work in your advantage.

We always say that nothing can make up for poor hunting habits. If you pump gas in your hunting clothes or wear your activated carbon in the house, you are only hurting yourself and not utilizing the ability of the activated carbon clothing. That being said if you use good woodsmanship and store your activated carbon clothing properly, it will definitely give you an edge. I like to explain it to people that it's a tool that will buy you time and provide opportunities.

To explain what I mean imagine this scenario. You are in your treestand 30 yards from a thick swamp. There is a slight swirling wind that you know will have the deer on edge. A nice buck steps out and you can tell that he senses something, but can't quite locate it or identify where it is. It might seem like he is catching a sense of danger from 60 or 100 yards off, but it's not enough to spook him. He takes a few more cautious steps providing you with a perfect broadside shot. Due to your good scent control practices and your activated carbon Scent-Lok clothing, you are at least half the distance to that deer than he thinks you are.

So by using our products you will not only see more deer, but likely have more chances at deer within effective range. If you weren't wearing Scent-Lok that deer would have likely gotten a stronger whiff of you and would have never even stepped out from the thick cover.

As far as the cost is concerned, I guess that depends on what your description of "worth it" is. If you are already investing hundreds if not thousands of dollars in bow/gun equipment, trail cameras, leases, gas to and from your hunting spot, etc. wouldn't you want to pay just a few dollars more to gain an extra edge on the deer you spend so much time hunting? Our activated carbon technology clothing is only about $50-$75 more than what you would pay for quality NON activated carbon clothing. So for just $50 more you are getting scent control technology in a garment that is some of if not the most durable and high quality fabrics and feel that you will find anywhere. For as much time and money I invest in chasing whitetails, I want to make sure I can have every advantage and odd in my favor.

Is it the magic fairy dust that is going to solve every issue? Definitely not, but with good scent control practices, using your head and doing your homework Scent-Lok can do for you what it has done for thousands of others and that's allow you to see more deer and give you more opportunities than you have had before.

Again, not trying to spam here, just trying to provide some information. We love seeing topics like this being discussed by hunters. You guys are the first priority for manufacturers like us. We have always and will always continue to strive to bring you the best most effective products in hunting apparel. Stay safe and good hunting!

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