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If you think you can fool a deers nose and you hunt up wind cause you think you can trick the deer into thinking your scent is farther away, I would say your hurting your chances...
I would also venture to say that if you spend an hour a day, or even a 1/2 hour getting ready or getting "clean" that could of been spent hunting, the hunting time lost will cost you many more bucks than the time spent washing and dressing will ever gain.
They get down wind they smell you... They know your there. Nothing you can do about except watch where you walk and play the wind.
I think all that advertising and product endorsement works... Because most guys will claim the stuff works despite all the tests proving it fails. However, I don't see any of the believers purposely setting up up wind of the deer at ground level...
Why not?
I am not saying don't shower. Just saying that it does very little to help you. I know I feel a lot better hunting right after a shower. But the skin cells we shed are not stopped by showering, or even slowed. There is no evidence at all that being clean helps or being smelly hurts or wearing some magic suit helps. Our odor is so strong to a deer that the minute difference is basically nothing to a deer...

Deer have 297 million olfactory receptors in the nose, plus a vomeronasal organ... YOU have 5 million olfactory receptors in the nose, and no vomeronasal organ...
I believe they can process the scent age by breakdown and know about how fresh it is.
Saying less scent will spook less seems like a false statement to me...
Wearing rubber boots and spraying your self with scent remover may reduce your scent to you... But to a deer that smells 100 million times better than you with a vomeronasal organ to break it down the minimized scent is still incredibly strong and reveals you were there...
Its equivalent to getting all out sprayed by a skunk at point blank range and then taking a wet rag and trying to wash the scent off you... When you get home, your wife is still going to smell it.
We are not talking about an animal that can smell "a little" better than us... We are talking about an animal that smells millions of times better.
You could take away a deers sight and hearing and it would survive. Take away his nose and he would perish. They rely on there nose more than there eyes, and ears combined.
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