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What have we become?

Old 12-28-2010, 04:54 PM
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Default What have we become?

I started a thread in “Hunting Gear Discussion” about testing long johns…Under Armor vs. Polypropylene vs. Duo fold and someone mentioned I don’t know how anyone survived 30 years ago…it really hit me. What have we become?
First let me say I’ve been actually hunting since 14 mostly by myself that’s 42 years in the woods every chance I get. I owned a Hunting & Fishing Store and Guide service and got sucked in by all the hype just like everyone else…and I knew there was a ton of advertising out there sucking in sportsman by the minute…But it really hit me this year. I bought Under Armor products you know why…because it’s in your face almost everywhere you look. Now let me say this and make it very clear YOU draw your own conclusions about what ever you purchase, I’m not here to knock any company.
But I bought the gear because of advertising without doing my homework….advertising which is heavily focused on deer hunters. I see all the new “stuff” and I’m usually very careful about what I buy. Because of my age (56) I hunt in wool, that’s what I learned, it works and I stuck to it. My first rifle was a Winchester 30-30 iron sites. I shot a re-curve bow and learn to still hunt with a compass.
What have we become? From all kinds of mineral licks, hearing implements, gadgets for this gadgets for that… are you kidding me? Did I mention Scents? There must be hundreds? Wash your clothes in this, wipe with that… Sure some of the gear is great no question about it (like scopes & GPS), but look back in time I guess no one ever shot anything without this stuff right? I guess they were just dead down wind without it.
All I’m saying is we have gotten away from the core of the sport. Its not about all the gadgets trust me, It’s about the basics, camaraderie, enjoying the outdoors and teaching someone else who wants to learn…it’s a tradition pass it on.
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Well said !! I'm older than you, but have clung to the "old ways" as you have. Oddly enough without the use of any of the gadgets and aids I manage to get my deer every year ( well except for this year ).
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Old 12-28-2010, 05:11 PM
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I bought Under Armour for the same reason you did, because it was advertised everywhere.
I have had the good fortune to hunt in Alaska, Montana and Wyoming. I have worn my under armour and my smart wool underwear in all three states.
I can honestly say that my smart wool underwear is better than under armour.
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Old 12-28-2010, 05:19 PM
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Everybody is on a quest for perfection I guess. I'm no different I guess. I want all of my shots in a 5-shot group touching at 100 yards. (fat chance!)

Many people knock patched round balls out of muzzleloaders, but how many years of shooting sabots will it take for the # of game animals killed with sabots to surpass the # of game animals killed with PRB's back in the day??? It may take a while.

My dad jokes about inline muzzleloaders and scopes and asks, "What would Daniel Boone think of that???" My answer is that he would be shooting it if he had one! lol

I'm a good bit younger than you, but I too see what you are saying and agree. Good post.

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Old 12-28-2010, 05:29 PM
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i hear what your are saying. There are a few things i do use though. scent free wash, spray and cover scents.

browning bow-traded for it
deer scent- bought at a deer farm
on sale cloths- cause I am cheap

along with the grunt tubes, can, rattle horns I seem to carry enough with me when i am hunting but i really don't want to be a walking billboard for companys. 2 guys at work bought the new scentblocker suits last year and although they seemed nice there was patches all over it. not for me i guess.
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Old 12-28-2010, 06:44 PM
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GREAT POST! If you have read any of mine you'll know this is the stuff I preach on a consistent basis. The only thing you really need, to stalk and kill your dinner is a weapon, knowledge and sometimes a little luck!
Live it up! Doug
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Wolfkiller...I didn't want to say it...Glad you did. If I did my homework I would have found out it dries super quick but not at the expense of less warmth. Its all about the dollar not the sport.
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Just think of all the money they're making selling us idiots that stuff too.
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See it all the time too - I like gadgets as much as the next guy - I wouldn't trade my trail cam for anything!

But - I'm a minimalist when it comes to deer hunting. Sometimes when bowhunting - I don't even wear camo. I think alot of it is hype. Then too there is GOOD gear.

I definitely don't turn my nose up at all that is advertised in my face - but I'll bet I don't even try out 5% of what I see. I like hunting they way I learned! I wont change my undergarments because a dozen adds on a hunting show tell me too!

I think my point is that we haven't ALL BECOME what is portayed as truth.

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i totaly agree.now we even shoot animals in fences lol!
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