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What have we become?

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Fork Horn
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I think we have definitely changed from 40 years ago….
Let’s look at young hunters >>>>>
How many young hunters even start out today with a rifle with open sites? My guess less than 10%
Do they learn on a compass first then graduate to a GPS? Again I’d guess 10%
Do they go to all the brand name stores looking for Wool… less than 1% maybe none lets face it they want what ever they see worn on the tube… sorry…flat screenJ
….how many learn to still hunt before they have ever been in a climber?
Wow this is fun…we could go on I’m sure.

I’m not knocking any young hunter by any means and I would like to see them carry the tradition. But the way I see it we changed big time. Doesn’t mean anyone who has been hunting even 15 years is a better hunter…we have just succumbed to advertising
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Fork Horn
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This is a pretty good thread. I am old school in alot of ways but some of the stuff out there now sure does makes stuff easier. Up until 5 or 6 yrs. ago I did not have a atv. Since I got one, it has made my hunting before, during and after the season much easier and less back breaking. I do not drive my atv to my stand or 100 or so yds. from it. I do use it to get my deer out. Before and after the season I use it to takes stands in and out of the woods. I do not do food plots or mineral licks, I usually scout and put stands were I think they should be according to where bedding areas, does areas, acorn trees, and other food sources occur. I do use a gps to get to a couple of stands that are a ways thru the woods. I do use scent eliminator spray but it is the stuff that I make. I like insulated rubber boots, but when it is real cold I use a pair of pac boots along with some of the toe warmers that stick to your socks. As far as clothes and camo, I get camo and I normally get clothing when it is on sale or clearance. I can't see paying some of the prices for some of the stuff out there, I don't care if it works like they advertise or not!!!! $200 dollars for a parka and another $200-$250 for the bibs is just crazy!!!!! Nothing wrong with wool outfits but if you aren't careful you will spend alot for them. I have a scope on my rifle, the retail price for it is about $250 but I spent about $80 shipping and all when that model was discontinued. BTW, my rifle is a Remington Gamemaster 760 pump action 30-06 that I got when I was 21, have had it 21 yrs. and other than my 50 cal. CVA I don't have another deer rifle. The ammo I use is either Winchester Power Points or Remington Cor-lokts. I see no need for me to spend $40 or more for a box of the newest fandangled bullets that give me such and such more velocity and such and such more range. There are other things I have like a trail cam and range finder and other things too. But all of this technology and all these new fabrics and stuff do not make any of us better hunters. It might make part of the hunt easier but if we can't put ourselves where the deer are or will be, it doesn't matter how much or little we spend on camo, trail cams, guns, ammo, scopes, bows, atvs, 4x4's, gps units, etc, etc. And if we can't hit with our weapons when a deer comes out that we want to take, it ain't no good!!!!! When I was 15 and just starting to deer hunt all I took to stand was my gun, ammo, a knife and the only scenbt I had was some pine scent made by Buck Stop. Just last nite, I bought a big fanny pack to put all my stuff in from calls, aome scents, knife, ammo and other stuff. As far as clothing I had a a camoed zip up hoodie and the camo was army camo. I had a couple of sweat shirts under that. I had a pair of brown pants onand sweat pants under that. I had an army camo hat on and an orange vest. My gloves were the brown cotton kind you can get for about a buck now. And my Dad's combat boots and a couple pairs of cotton socks. It was alot simplier then. I kinda miss that.
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