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Rookie Hunter needs advice

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Default Rookie Hunter needs advice

Hey Guys,

Congrats on the website, I have been deer hunting since 2 weeks now and I'm learning everyday with all the threads, tips, etc...this is great information.

I'm currently hunting with a shotgun (12 Gage) but it does not belong to me, I wanted to make sure I like deer hunting before I invest money. Of course I got hooked and I'm completely addicted. I hunted the last three days mornings and evenings and I'm planning on going out again around thanks giving. I have seen deers but haven't killed anything yet.

For next season I would like to buy some descent equipment, most likely a gun and a bow. I would like to spend less than 800-1000$ on a complete bow set and around 500-600$ on a gun.

Here are my questions now:
- What should I get ? Brand and Model
- Should I spend less money on a bow and get a shotgun and a muzzle loader to cover both season ? (Indiana)
- Get a nice muzzle loader to cover both seasons ?
- What kind of scope ? for which guns ?
- Other thoughts ? Spend more money ? Less money ? I'm flexible

Thanks a lot for your time and have fun out there !

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There are others more qualified than I to recommend equipment, guns, etc.. I just wanted to welcome you to the wonderful world of hunting. The more the merrier! Best of luck to ya.
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you can get a good bow for around 500 and a good rifle for around 600. look at slightly used bow to get more bang for your buck
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Welcome to the Website! And its awsome to see more people getting into the Hunting World!
Now to awnser your questions.....
Many people have diffrent opinions on Bows/Guns of choice, So heres my saying.

For a Bow, I would go with a used Hoyt or fred Bear. Like Ksharvester said, You can get a great used bow for pretty cheap. I have saw many newer Models on craigslist going around $600 and Lower, with acc on them.

Now for gun wise, Go with a MuzzleLoader, TC Omega .50cal is a Great gun! and should be within you price range at about $550 or something, and thats the package. IMO buy a New one, then you will know everything you would need to know about the gun and will know that there is nothing wrong with the gun.

I dont really know the Hunting laws in Indiana, but if their like Ohio, You can use a MuzzleLoader during gun (Only need one shot anyway). So that would have you set for a full season of hunting.

As for Other hunting Gear...
-Good Boots! Rubber ones are best IMO
-A good set of hunting clothing for Warm/mild/cold, Also if your like me and care about scent, Get Scent Lok.
-Make sure you buy a good Range rinder for when your Bow hunting, Unless your a great guessamater.
-A good Trail Cam comes in handy during the off season and also during season, to find out when/where them monster are moving.
-A good treestand! Depending on if you want to sit in the same spot every day or be able to move around to diffrent spots with less of a hasal, Get either a Climber or a Hang on.
---For Hang ons, Lone Wolf makes amazing stands.
---For Climbers, Summit makes the best all around!
---I preffer a climber over anything, they are comftorable, more portable, and easy to use.

Now i believe you are set for life

Good luck to the rest of your Hunting Life! Dont Be afraid to keep us all updated on how you do this season!
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If I was buying a new deer rifle right now I would have to go with the Savage edge package price is around $275-350 for a .270. I know the scope that comes in that package isn't the best but you can alway upgrade it now or later depending on your finances. To be honest I have had high dollar scopes and to me there just isn't that much of a difference because most of my shots are 100yrds or under. I know the gun is capable of more just my hunting setups are like that. I know a few people that have bought this package gun and are very pleased.

As for a bow that is a little more trickier you have to find one that fits "you" and feels good to "you".

Right now I think Bowtech has the best deal on the market $599 for the Assassin RAK (ready aim kill) package. You get a everything you need expect arrows and release. The bow is 30.5 axle to axle with a brace height of 7 or 7.5" with an IBO speed of 333fps but they do have a stiff draw curve so I would suggest a 60lb model for someone new to hunting.

It is hard to say this or any bow is the bow you should get because some people like short Axle to Axle lengths some like long ATA lengths and the list goes on...... so I would suggest go to a few bow shops get measure for draw length then try as many different bows that you can and see what fits you best as far as feel and go from there. Again shoot as many different bow as can even if you really like say the 2nd one because the next one my even fell better! Because if you get something that doesn't fit you then it will turn you off to bowhunting.
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WAlmart has great guns and decent name brands..

If I had one gun it would be an 870 Remington..you can hunt anything with it my 870 is unbeleivaable..it actually shocks me..Cost about 350.00

BOw..If you have Big Buck expos up there ..you need to go ...The folks in there compete with each opther..I got a new Hoyt for 300.00 off book price..LOVE THAT BOW!! Acherey my friend can be very expensive...decent arrows with decent broadheads..mine are 16.00 a piece..

Rubber boots La Crosse Burlys are great 79.00
Walmart Compass 4.95 ...if on public property a must
Skinning Knife 20-40 bucks..a must
Climber Stand...300.00 unless your own your own property..then build one in a tree.
camos look good but diffently not a must..shot my first 2 deer in jeans
Grunt and bleat calll 15.00 Primos ..a must

Summary...Rifle or shotgun..calls..knife...Stand either store bought or build one...boots and warm clothes..

That's it..you need to count the cost before starting archery..a used bow with all the extras would be your best bet..ARCHERY CAN BE EXPENSIVE...but very rewarding

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People can tell you what they think is the best or what they like the best. The only way to figure out what is the best for you is to shoot them and figure out which feels the best. Saying that make sure you try out good brands not low end garbage. Like most things you get what you pay for. All my friends shoot a Mathews and i had my mind set that i was gonna buy one until i shot the new Bowyech Destroyer 350. That bow felt better to me. (and its 30 fps faster)
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Thanks a lot for all your responses, I truly appreciate and value your inputs.

I will probably spend my next free weekend at BassPro and Cabellas to try as many guns and bows as possible and then try to find the best deals around.
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Can't help with specifics as what to buy.
Others better at that .
Can say don't try to do it all at once.
Guns people generally accumalate multiple guns over time.
I would focus on purchase season by season. What do you want to accomplish this year?
Personally I would look for a versatile gun that you can use for different game.
Bow piurchase will be more personal. Some like the latest. Some like most fps they can get. Some are happy with their 20 year old recurve bow.
For bow I would try to get my hands on different bows and try them at a range.
See how a 80# bow feels compared to a 60# bow. And what lengths work for you
I can tell you I like mu 60# browning tornado. But that will mean nothing till you try it
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I don't know if someones mentioned this in previous posts, but another thing to keep in mind when purchasing a rifle is your terrain. Long shots vs short shots. Thick stuff vs open fields. Things like that
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