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Hunting Story

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Default Hunting Story

In this Post share some of your most interesting hunting stories whether they be good or bad.
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Default RE: Hunting Story

The good[8D]The bad[:@]and the ugly?[]
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Default RE: Hunting Story

I started researching States & Bowhunting operations to make informational video on extending your Biggame season (b/4 & after our Deer Season in the Midwest). I concentrated on Wild Hogs, Javalina & Exotics both High Fence & open Range Facilities as these could be hunted basically year round. The Hog Hunting facilities were all great with plenty of excitement from my tree stand or ground blind.
To cover all aspects of Hog Hunting I booked a hog/Hound Bowhunt to give those interested a look see at this type hunting. This was to be my 1st Bowhunt for anything with the use of hounds.
I met with Ray Modisett (owner of the hounds) & Shane Squyres (land owner) near Diboll Texas early AM on the 29th of March. They served us a fine big breakfast & they explained how they would conduct the hunt. Safety for US & the Hounds were stressed. Just as it turned light we were crusing slowley on 4 wheelers thru the hunting area looking for hog tracks crossing the small trails(it had rained the night b/4). We had been looking for nearly a half hour when Ray-in the lead 4 wheeler with his hounds stopped-He released 1 hound, then another & then a 3rd. We waited 5 or 10 min. & then continued on, listening for the hounds. Then, probably 20 min. from the time they had been release we heard them barking-they were on a hot trail. We took off & about 15 min. later were close enough to hear them good-we all bailed, no one saying a word & headed into some of the thickest brush & brambles I had been in for a Long time. I wondered-how the heck would I get a arrow thru this stuff-even at close range. Then, there he was-fighting with the Hounds & in brush so thick you could hardly tell which way he was pointed-let alone get a shot. Shane & Ray said, just stand still, he gets in that little open spot you can get a shot. Well, 20 min. later, still no shot & he came chargin out after Ray & then on his way again. We finally caught up to them & he broke again-charging Both Ray & Shane & all you could here was, git, git, git, stay back he' s comin. The Boar was off again. Rays Hounds stayed with him, thou we knew at least 2 had taken good hits from him. Rays Hounds bayed him again & this time Ray & I got withing 15 yards-then, all hell broke loose & he came chargin after Me & Ray-I took about 3 steps & stopped behind a 5" or 6" tree as the hog passed close enough to touch (I was ready to go around the tree if he tried hookin me) after Ray-he almost got Ray but he made a quick J turn & the hog passed, trying to hook Ray as he did. The Boar stopped about 30 feet behind me & turned, looking at me-I was at full draw & just as I released the arrow a Hound bolted after the Hog-he took off & the arrow passed thru the hogs guts, just in front of the hips.
He went thru a creek & the dogs Bayed him again right away in a spot so thick we had to go around to get into the fight. Ray, Shane & I got within 15 yards of the Battle & I told them I had a shot as soon as the Hounds cleared. It was as thou the Hounds heard me, they broke away & as the Hog turned (to make another charge-I thought) I release the arrow thru his chest, taking his heart out on the exit. The Big Boar turned, took one step & went down. I was shakin, sweatin & very happy. We had been after this hog for almost 3 hours. He had gotten a couple good licks in on 2 Hounds & made 6 charges on Us in all. I must say, in my 45 years of Bowhunting Biggame-this is one I will always remember. Ray & Shane gave me a fine exciting Bowhunt & Rays Hounds are among the toughest-they never quit. I " WILL" be returning. ahunter55 Bowhunting North America Videos

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Default RE: Hunting Story

well i only have harvested 5 deer in my 3 years hunting.. but my first one is my most memoriable of all my deer..

it was the second day of Youth Hunt Weekend and we had just started hunting around 8 - 9 am... my dad set me and our other hunting buddy up on a watering hole that was used for the cows after they grazed... then he went back around and made a drive through the cedar thicket to our left to hopefully jump something up and spook them towards my directions.. well it worked.. about 10 minutes after he started driving the thickets, a nice lil 4 Pt with what appears to be a broken tine (see the Trophy Wall thread) jumps out and that is now my first deer..
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Default RE: Hunting Story

A couple years back I had my buck tag and had also drawn the anterless I had put in for. I had just finished work and it started pouring down rain. I hunt blacktails, and the rain tends to get them out running around, so I loaded everything into my truck and headed up into the mountains. I parked along side a logging road and had walked about 3/4 of a mile when I saw a 3x3 and a doe up on a hillside standing facing each other. I thought I' d take the buck, as I' d probably be able to get a doe later. I hit him good and he dropped right where he was. Great thing was, the doe just stood there! So...I shot her too. She ran about 20 yards and crumbled up under a little tree. It gets even better. I' m not very big and always have alot of fun getting the deer to the truck. Well, I ran back to the truck and was able to maneuver it around so I could back it right up to the hill the deer were on. I walked up, gutted them both, and was able to just slide them right down into the bed. Things couldn' t have worked out better, and probably never will again!
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Default RE: Hunting Story

When I was 13 (my second year hunting), I packed up all my stuff and met my dad, uncles, and brothers downstairs.... dad owned about 1500 acres so a bunch of people could hunt the place. Well, I loaded up 6 rounds in my 30-30 and grabbed an unopened box of shells to which the entire family had a good laugh with, " what are you gonna do, shoot the whole herd?" Well, I was hunting the corner of a hay field at about 10 AM when a big eight point came running literally about 10 yards from me on a full sprint towards the open field. I put a shot right into his kill zone & he kind of " slumped" a bit but kept going..... slower..... slower.. slower, but still going!! He was literally at a walking pace in about 30 yards, but being 13 & excited I emptied my gun at him. Opened the new box & dropped half of them (I was shaking pretty excitedly)..... managed to reload a few shells & fired them off by the time he was 100 yards or so away.... reloaded a few more shots and fired by the time he was 150 or so away and disappeared into the woods on the other side of the field. Maybe 12-15 shots total in about 2 minutes. I quickly ran to the woods and found the deer just inside the wood line. When we skinned him..... he was hit exactly ONCE!!! My first shot. The lesson.... never shoot when you' re too excited & if you hit them well.... they aren' t going anywhere!
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Default RE: Hunting Story

My story came from last year during youth hunt with my son (10 years old). I brought my son to our camp and we went practicing with a smooth bore, bolt action 410 with slugs at 25-30 yards. My son could consistantly hit a 2" circle while practicing. We went hunting the next day in a field that the maximun shot would be 30-35 yards. We were in the blind about an hour and seen one spike and finally a doe walked into the field at about 25-30 yards. My son took the gun off of safety and took the shot and missed. The doe looked up and resumed foraging. My son had the remainder of the shells in his pocket and began to dig one out. He dropped the box of shells and rechambered another shell and reshot. He missed again and the doe looked up and resumed foraging. My son loaded another shell into the chamber and reshot. He missed again and the doe finally decided to move on (she was probably deaf by now). As she was walking off my son loaded another shell into the gun. I told him to shoot but he wouldn' t because he said he could not hit the deer moving. I told him that he wasn' t doing to good when they were still. The hunt turned out better than expected. My son loved the hunt, another father/son combination did shoot a doe and gave us half of it, and I was proud that my son could sit that still for so many hours.
Some hunters I know would have taken the gun and shot the deer for their son. I would have never even considered it. I will remember that hunt forever and I think he will to. Enough people have ragged him about it.

ps I have never been that nervous over a deer that much in 20 year of hunting. I have purchased a new gun for my son (with a scope) for him to use this year. He will get lots of practice at the shooting range. He still can' t wait.
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Default RE: Hunting Story

Mine would have to be the deer that I shot last year since I have only been hunting about 8 years (i' m 15). Well I set up a ground blind near where we had been seeing a big deer foraging and chasing some does. I arrived in the blind around 2:30 and waited and waited and waited passing a few other bucks and such, then just about dark (6:15) a buck showed up, and I could tell it was big. As i was inspecting his antlers to make sure I saw a humongus drop-tine. Quickly and quietly( and with Buck Fever) I managed to get a shot off, though it looked like a clean miss I knew it wasn' t because my aim held true, when I inspected the area for blood I only found 2 small drops, but they were whitish like a lung or heart shot. Then I saw 2 deer run off( the buck had two does with him). That made me even more excited. By now it was dark, then in the cedar thicket I heard a loud crash. I looked over there and there it was. It took me 4 weeks of steady hunting, and much longer than that of scouting to get this buck even though I only saw the drop tine on the last day, I had only seen his other side 2 times so I did not know that it had a drop tine. He had an 8 inch drop tine one a perfectly symetrical(sp) frame(except the drop). 23" spread, it scored 163 typical 171 non. I am still in shock.
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Default RE: Hunting Story

I buddy of mine I hunt with was on stand early one morning a few years back. Suddenly he heard one loud shot a few hundred yards away. A few moments later he saw this nice (basket rack) buck moving thru, about 30 yds away. This deer was not running but definitely was headed in a specific direction. My buddy fired at this deer and he dropped immediately. A clean shot thru the heart. Upon close examination he discovered that this deer had already been hit, but not in any vital area. A short time later he saw two hunters coming, a father and his young son. The son asked my buddy if he saw a deer come running by, because he said he shot at the deer just a few minutes earlier. He said he told his Dad he could see a deer slowly walking thru the woods about 25 yds away. The father, kneeling next to his son, told him to put the sights on his chest, take a breath, and squeeze the trigger. He said he " thought" maybe he hit it. He said it was his first time hunting with his Dad and that he was 12 yrs old. My buddy looked at this young hunter and told him, Yes, he saw a deer come by and it was hurt real bad and he had to shoot it to put him down and take him out of his misery. He told this young guy that " somebody" must have hit him before he saw him. The father looked at my buddy with a half smile on his face, realizing what was transpiring. The young boy got real excited when he finally saw him laying on the forest floor, not 20 yds away. My buddy told him that it was he that shot the deer and it was definitely his deer. The father tried to interupt and explain to his son what really did happen, but my friend continued to talk over him and it became apparent to this Dad that his son was about to enjoy the dream of his first deer. The excitement of this young boy made it all worth it. My buddy had a wonderful feeling inside, the young hunter was full of joy and pride and his Dad was appreciative of what some stranger had done for his son. A rare, special moment indeed!
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Default RE: Hunting Story

My first buck was very important to me but by biggest buck was a good story. I was OTH (out the hunt) and I was not hearing any dogs and zero deer. about the time the standers to my left and right started to leave I heard a dog bark. I told the guy who was walking by to hurry up and get to his truck if he was going to leave. I had about 1 hour of day light left and the dog was just booting along. I could hear the dog across a 300 yard field and I was an a swamp edge that butted up to the field. With about 45 min of light left a big 8 pt comes running out and is angling where the other hunter was, that would have given me no shot at all. About the time the deer was 100 yards awy he turns and starts heading right to me. He is not going too fast but with buckshot and at 70 yards I want him alot slower. When the deer was about 60 yards I made a bleet sound with my mouth and the buck stopped broad side. I shot and the 3 1/2 Remington Express Super Mag did the rest. The buck jumped and ran into the woods. I was close enough to the woods to see the agle of he took so I waited a few minutes and walked behind where he went in. I could not find any blood but a whole lot of tracks. I walked until almost dark and then desided to go back to the place where he went into the woods and look again. The buck went into the woods and then after I could not see him any more turned a hard left and went about 30 yards in the opposite direction that I was looking. Sorry for the long story but I feel that because I did not give up and kept looking for the blood I got my trophy.
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