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Neck shots ethical????

Old 02-20-2008, 06:42 AM
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Default RE: Neck shots ethical????

Lots of spots are sure kill on a deer, the biggest difference is the size of the target. I'll take the shoulder shot every time if I can. I'm waiting for someone that comes up with the preference for the high hip shot, a little bigger target than the neck and will definitely kill a deer. Might mess up a little more meat though.......
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Old 02-20-2008, 07:25 AM
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Default RE: Neck shots ethical????

I could give a horses rear end less where anybody shoots their deer ethics or not. I shoot for the heart/lungs. On the range I can put one bullet hole on top of the other on paperbut in a hunting situation it's different for me. As much as I try to stay calm I get excited. You guys do what you think......
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Default RE: Neck shots ethical????

timbercruiser... it's funny you mention a hip shot. I took one this year at my crossbow 8 point (not on purpose) it hit just behind the lungs, a little high and back. (around the bottom tenderloins) that buck only ran 60 yards. He had blood POURING out of him as the ran away. He left a 12" spray all the way to where he laid. When he was running away, it looked like someone had their thumb over a garden hose... obviously I'm not good enough to hit that exact spot everytime, but it worked this one time.(thank goodness) I'm like the majority of the guys on here... double lung works for me. I do have a hunting spot where the adjacent owner doesn't like hunters and isn't real keen on people tracking deer onto their property... if I get over there next year for shotgun and/or muzzleloader, I'm going to try a head, neck or high shoulder shot I hear a lot of guys talk about...
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Old 02-20-2008, 08:33 AM
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Default RE: Neck shots ethical????

depending on the weapon and range of the shot...i feel that they are somtimes ethical....if you are a great shot
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Old 02-20-2008, 12:33 PM
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Default RE: Neck shots ethical????

Never had one leave its tracks on a neck shot.. Behind the shoulder they will run.. And I don't like tracking them.. I will take a neck shot over a vital shot if I have a good steady rest like hunting out of a box blind.. But if I am hanging out of a tree or have an unsteady rest I will go for the base of the neck or behind the shoulder..

By the way.. My neck shots have all been with an 85 Grain BTHP out of a 243.. No matter where you hit a deer in the neck with it, it will seperate and get either the spince, windpipe or arteries.. All of which are lethal.. So yes neck shots are ethical..
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Default RE: Neck shots ethical????

i always aim for the heart
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Default RE: Neck shots ethical????

I have killed several deer with neck shots. Mostly does. Was taught by an old veteran about neck shots. Makes for a cleaner dressing job, too. I don't think it's appropriate in every situation, but that's up to the hunter to decide. Every deer I have shot in the neck went down on the spot. No run, not even a step. Down right there on the spot. Dead down. I mean really dead.

By the way, I have even taken a head shot on occasion, and they don't go anywere either.
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Default RE: Neck shots ethical????

ORIGINAL: ShatoDavis

At what point did the neck shot become unethical? My grandpa taught me to take a neck shot unless I felt like I couldn't make it. He said that the neck shot is the most ethical and humane shot a hunter could make.

Somewhere along the way of all these hunting shows, the broadside double lunger is the only ethical placement. I just wanted to call BS on something that I've thought has gone on too long.
tell me aout it
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Default RE: Neck shots ethical????

Lots of variables to consider...
#1) Consistancy of shooter (ability), and not just on a target, but with a live deer in front of you (it's called buck fever).
#2) How far is the shot? I've shot Does between the eyes @ 75 yards (never lost one), I personaly wouldn't consider this shot over 100-125 yards.
#3) What is the deer behavior? Relaxed or jittery.
#4) Windage?
Etc. etc. etc.

Keep in mind as an example, an Army or Marine infantry specialist doesn't make him/her a snipper. Snippers are specifically trained experts.

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Default RE: Neck shots ethical????

I think to be fair that shot placement should be taken out of the equation. Its a given. You must be able to place a bullet realitively close to where you aim.

With a lung shot or a neck shot if you miss your point of aim by very much you have a wounded animal. Does the lungs provide a great margin of error? absolutely. Does that give a hunter the right to shoot there when they aren't realitively certain of their ability? NO!

Lets be clear, I predominantly prefer the lung/heart shot. But, under certain circumstances where I'm very confident of my shot (especially at closer ranges) I will take a neck shot over any other. My intentions where not to convince everyone to stop taking lung shot and start taking neck shots. My point was that those that villianize the neck shot are IMHO mistaken.

I have read books by survivalists, and subsistance hunters and the majority hunt withrelatively small weapons, Ie 22 lr, 22 mags, 223, 22-250, etc. and they shoot there animals in the neck (specifically where the neck and head join). Reasoning? quick kills, no tracking, no meat loss. I personally don't eat the rib meat on my deer, but a subsitance hunter doesn't want to waste an ounce. For me the meat waste issue is moot, not to them. I'm not lobbying for one or the other I'm simply pointing out what I thought was a common misconception.
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Quick Reply: Neck shots ethical????

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