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Who would shoot?

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Default RE: Who would shoot?

He did the right thing in passing on the buck and hopefully set an example for the other hunters who told him he should of shot. Now he have something to dream about for next year
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Default RE: Who would shoot?

It is called POACHING!!! It is illegal!!![:@]
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Default RE: Who would shoot?

This happens to me quite regularly. I love to be out in the woods while the deer are rutting, so the fact that my tags are filled makes no appreciable difference in my approach. I'm going to be out their dark-to-dark if I've got the day off work.

In '04 I killed a 144-gross buck, my best ever. I continued to stillhunt with no tags, carrying only my pistol. On the last day of the season, I had a 150-class buck standing broadside and unaware at 22 yards. I didn't shoot.

In '06 I killed a gnarly old buck on the next-to-the-last day. I still had a doe tag so I carried my rifle the next day when I went in to retrieve my buck. On the way in, I had a 140-class buck dead to rights at 40 yards. I let him walk.

I detail that to give me "props" to urge people to look at this situation differently. It is a privilege to even see a big buck. Enjoy the sight! Think of it as motivation for next year. That buck is probably going to be there again, so now you've got extra reason to get out and scout!

In my opinion, people who would shoot in this situation are miserable SOBs, our classic spoiled American with an overdeveloped sense of entitlement. They're the type who think in some twisted way that they are "owed" that buck. This type of person is someone I wouldn't want to hunt with. He--, I don't even want to know them!
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Default RE: Who would shoot?

Instead of naming the post who would shoot I should have just called it tagged out of something like that. I did not want people to tell they would have shot, I just wanted to tell the story and tell people that my buddy did the right thing and did not shoot. I did not mean to make folks upset. I would not shoot and I am glad that my buddy did not shoot. I would have had a tag, because I would not have killed the 4 point and would have one getting mounted right now.
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Default RE: Who would shoot?

Driving 1 mph over the speed limit is against the law. Throwing a cigarette butt out your window is against the law. Drinking and driving is against the law. Inflating your deductions while filing taxes is against the law. Accessing your neighbor's cable TV is against the law. Downloading music on the internet is against the law. Copying DVDs from blockbuster is against the law. Owning an un-registered firearm is against the law. Smoking pot is against the law. Taking a perscription that was written for someone else is against the law. Keeping a fish that is 1/8" too short is against the law. Driving with an expired inspection or registration is against the law.

How many of you choose to break one of those laws? To those who do, why is shooting a buck any worse than breaking one of those laws?

I'd shoot that deer 10 out of 10 times.
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Default RE: Who would shoot?

i second that

Who would shoot?
A poacher. Plain and simple.
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Default RE: Who would shoot?

I like to shoot big deer as much as anyone and would be tempted in the scenario presented, but there is no deer worth risking trouble with the law.
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Default RE: Who would shoot?

He did the right thing! U never know when the Gamewarden is standing there watching the whole thing.................
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Default RE: Who would shoot?

all of you can sit at ur pc eatin cheetos and say that but it takes a lot more determination when ur in a treestand so hats off to ur friend

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Default RE: Who would shoot?

he deffinitely did the right thing!
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