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Default RE: Hunting Question

ORIGINAL: Paulpskp

Thanks Betsy I will make sure that I improve my shooting skills to meet with your approval.
HAHA i lauphed when i saw this. Many non-hunters dont realize how hard it is to get animals in range and to make good shots. They think we walk around and shoot deer while their grazing or something.
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Default RE: Hunting Question

I only buy free range/organic meat
I only HUNT free range/organic meat!!!!!!!
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Default RE: Hunting Question

betsy, i'd like to eat you.
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Default RE: Hunting Question

Betsy, I have a question for you... Do you have any activities that you find interesting or fun? Say a sport, stamp or coin collecting, cooking, dance? Any of these things are just like hunting. You practice, you get better as time goes along. Sure, there is one difference. While hunting, you get something in return, i.e. the meat. And yes, there are a few people you don't take advantage of this... But isn't this true in every sport/activity/hobby? I see that it is?
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Default RE: Hunting Question

There is nothing you can do to change certain people and their mindsets....really nothing. Betsy, I DO respect your opinion and that you have the guts to come on here and talk/debate. I like that. Hope you get some answers to some of your questions/concerns and come to the realization that many hunters are great people acting in an ethical manner.

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Default RE: Hunting Question

I will just say this, I am not offended by anything you've said, because I agree that all hunters should spare no effort in becoming as proficient with their equipment as possible...... we owe it to the game we pursue to be as lethal and ethical as humanly possible!

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Default RE: Hunting Question

ok i see your concern but dont judge a book by its cover, i hate it when people say o you hunt and you kill animals, how do you think we got here do you think our ancestors went to publix or the walmart and got food, of course not!!! they hunted, its heritage even the people who dont take the meat, it is still a heritage, now you are right about killing for the fun but that is not a hunter the word is a poacher. we are not poachers we are hunters there is a big difference, and before you say that we cant shoot a gun right or hit the spot to kill the animal cleanly, why do you think we have ranges, and practice and why doyou think weare on this very website, we come here for information, help, and to talk about things that help us be better hunters. really if you knew something about guns, atleast with shotguns there really isnt a form, you aim hold your breath and squezze the trigger. the only way you can hit the target your aiming with is by practice, i dont know a bow hunter even slopy ones who dont practice, they may not be as picky but they still practice and they know they have to. And you say you got on this website by mistake, how do you do that???? and if it was a mistake why did you register???? and i dont know what you think is horrible, the pictures of the deer taken is that what is horrible, that is called a trophy when you suceed against nature, and its rules not ours. so if you dont like hunting or have issues with it dont talk about it and dont start a bashing post on a hunting forum. next time think before you type
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Default RE: Hunting Question

ORIGINAL: betsy_

I've ended up on this website by mistake, and I just couldn't stop reading and looking at everything up here, its horrible.

First of all, I'd like to say that I do eat meat, and fair enough for the ones here who are killing animals to eat; it's exactly the same as buying the meat from a shop.

However, those of you who are doing this as some kind of fun activity, I have to say there is something not quite right with you. To think that killing something else is an entertaining thing to do cannot be seen as a particually sane activity, and is really just sadistic. You're only one step away from killing a human when you behave in the way some of the people on this site seem to be.

There seem to be quite a few people even unable to kill the animals they set out to, (see the "rotten deer?"), which has sickened me even more. If you not even capable of hunting properly do not both at all. If you quite obvious cannot even aim a gun with any level of skill you are not only killing animals for some kind of twisted sport, but are also effectively torturing the animals. Make sure to at least kill them properly if you must do it, you shouldn't be caring about whether or not you can eat their meat, you should be thinking about how that animal will have wondered about dying for hours of even days before you found its body.

Before you all get really angry, and say you've heard this argument all before, and I'm wrong, please consider this. There's a reason fox hunting was banned in England, this sort of behavious is effectively just killing for enjoyment; go ahead, hunt for meat, but don't do it for fun. The second you cross that barrier, you have to realize there is something just plain sick about your activities.

So next time you go play dress-up, in your cute little army outfits, think about how stupid you seem to the rest of the world, behaving like little children with a shiny new game. Oh, and please, if you're going to be so childish, getting all the pretty clothes and guns and all those extra special toys, at least make sure you can shoot a gun, so many of you seem in capable of even holding one straight.
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Default RE: Hunting Question

Arent guns illegal in England? I hunt and enjoy EVERY minute of it. Whether I am sitting in the stand enjoying a beautiful sunrise, sitting in the rain, seeing animals, not seeing animals, it doesnt matter. Everytime a deer walks out, my heart goes into overdrive, it doesnt matter if I decide to take that animal or not. My family eats the meat of the animals that I kill, and yes it is free ranging/organic also.
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Default RE: Hunting Question

hey besty in rotten deer how can you find a deer without a blood trail, not everyone is perfect and is always going to make a kill shot
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