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How to keep out trespassers?

Old 11-24-2007, 01:19 AM
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Default How to keep out trespassers?

My grandpa and I have 86 acres of unmanaged, unhunted land, except this year I took a doe. But our neighbors on two sides put their stands within a few yards of our treeline, and my grandpa is strictly against anyone hunting on our land, I think more of his issue is with the trespassing because he busted his ass his whole life to have that sort of thing. But they defy him every year and shoot into our woods and then stroll on in there to get em. We have our land posted about every couple hundred feet and they know damn well what they're doin, I even had a gun pulled on me when i was 12 for trying to get em off. So my question is, what should we do in a situation like this to keep them off our land without putting up a fence, because that defeats the purpose I think. I bowhunt the land but only for 1 doe a year, and won't shoot any bucks under 10, but we want no one else on there. So, any suggestions would be wonderful. Thanks a ton guys. Oh, and the forums here are awesome, lots of knowledge. Thanks
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Old 11-24-2007, 02:53 AM
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Default RE: How to keep out trespassers?

Uh, call the gamewardern and prosecute them for trespassing. Grandpa may have to appear in court to make the charges stick but if you really want to keep them out I don't know what else you could do. I would have had them locked up when they pulled a gun on me, that's a far more serious charge than trespassing or poaching....I'm just sayin'
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Default RE: How to keep out trespassers?

Prosecute, get some proof..photos, video, etc. If that fails, minefield.
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Old 11-24-2007, 05:30 AM
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Default RE: How to keep out trespassers?

We had this very same problem on my Grandfathers 150 acres...For years there were a bunch of local idiots that would put drives on, sit in our treestands when we weren't there and yes I've had guns pointed at me while hunting...Then one day I'd had enough when I caught them putting on a drive...I gathered them all togetherand got their hunting license numbers from all 5 of them and turned them in...Unfortunately one of them was a local cop so they were never prosecuted but they have never been on our land again...When you catch someone tresspassing they are at your mercy and 9 times out of 10 they don't want to make matters worse for themselves so they will cooperate...BUT there is that 1% out there that feel they can do nothing wrong and will chalenge you so be careful when confronting tresspassers.
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Default RE: How to keep out trespassers?

the only thing you "CAN" do is get the law after them.in Fla. it is a felony to trasspass with a fire arm; they don't want that on there record.
pictures and records are good for court.

I know how you feel about taking only a few deer from your place."BUT" that is what they want. that means they get to take all the good bucks that cross the line.if they are not scard of you and the law, then you got a big job ahead of ya.

go to the local judge and ask him the next step.sometimes you get a judge that hunts and doesn't like trasspassers.he may be you best friend.
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Default RE: How to keep out trespassers?

Unless you put up a huge fence it will not effect the deer any. They hop over them like they are nothing. Then again it may not keep the hunters out either. But it will define the boundries better and make it easier to prove they were on your land.

Fences are kind of pricey though.

I know what I would have done had someone pointed a gun at my 12 year old kid or grandkid. But I will not suggest it on the internet. All I will say is bullets and shovels are cheap, if you have a back hoe it's even better.

Your best bet is to talk to the local DNR or local police and see what advice they can give you.

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Default RE: How to keep out trespassers?

Pulled a gun on you i woulnt put up with that crap. put them in jail then they cant hunt the land. Suckers!
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Default RE: How to keep out trespassers?

i like the minefield idea...just kidding. i think what is posted above should work.if not,u could play there game or get a camera and watch,or buy those hidden ones and the next time u confront them,u can have the hidden camera and get them in the act(especiallyif they hold a gun on u.
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Default RE: How to keep out trespassers?

I had the same problem trying to keep people off my 400 acre farm there is only one place for them to park 2 years ago they STOP trespassing and I have not seen anybody sence. come to find out there was 2 trucks park there and somone shot both of them full of holes. They had 4 tree stands hung and somone took a 12 gauge and shot them up so no one can use them they call the law they came out to talk to me all I said was it was posted and NO one was to be there so as far I care they got what they needed for being there the cop just smile and told them that the police can towed and keep there trucks for hunting on posted land and they should be glad they still had there trucks at all. problem solved
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Default RE: How to keep out trespassers?

Yes, shooting into your property ans walking in to get the deer is ILLEGAL. Call a warden ASAP
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Quick Reply: How to keep out trespassers?

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