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i'd appreciate some help

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Default i'd appreciate some help

hi. i really don't know anything about hunting. it's a subject that i've never really been interested in until now. if anyone would be willing to take the time to give me some knowledge about hunting, i'd really appreciate it. i'd really like to learn some of the terms so i can better understand it. or if u know of any informative websites i could check out, that would be great to. thank you.
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Default RE: i'd appreciate some help

First off welcome to the boards, there is alot of hunting info on here so, don't worry, pretty soon you will be pretty well set in your knowledge. Lets start off here....

Hunting is a way to relax. The kill is the least important part, it is nice to harvest a deer, but, it isn't the best part of hunting. Hunting is a great way to meet with friends, make new friends, and just see the world in a new way. There is nothing like sitting in a tree in the woods on a cool fall morning and watching the sun rise over a hill. It is peaceful and, whenever a deer comes in, your blood starts pumping through your veins, your heart beats faster and harder.

Now, hunting is HARD work too. You must learn a deer's anatomy in order to know where to aim. Behind the front shoulder is the best spot to aim. This is where the heart/lungs are. A hit in the heart/lungs with a gun will usually cause a deer to instantly die, or VERY soon afterwards. A shot with a bow in the heart/lungs will usually cause the deer to die within 15 seconds to a minute. Also, you must know when to shoot and when not too. A broadside shot is what you want.

You must always follow the rules and regulations. You must have a respect for the deer, you don't want to hunt just so you can kill something, that isn't hunting, hunting is a whole lot more than that. You always want to practice SAFETY. Know where you are shooting and what is beyond that. Keep guns unloaded when driving, sitting in the house, ect...

I can tell you some terms, but, you are going to need to tell me what you already know. There are so many terms, but, you may already know somethings so it would be pointless to go over them.

Here is a link that will show you a deer's anatomy http://home.mn.rr.com/deerfever/Anatomy.html

Here are a few websites that you may want to check out..







And you are on a great place to learn. Just ask some questions and everyone on here will help you out. Welcome to the sport, it is addicting and just a wonderful thing.

Good Luck This Season: Buck Magnet

Check out my hunting PICS here http://community.webshots.com/user/buckmagnet
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Default RE: i'd appreciate some help

Welcome to the world of hunting. It's pretty awsome, even when your luck is a little sour. Buckmagnet gave you some good pointers. I'd suggest start reading all the topics on this thread that you can. When you have a question, ask, but read all you can first. This board is about hunting but, it's also about ethics, laws, and safety. It's not only about harvesting animals, but preserving animals and habitat.
Now is a great time to get in the woods and start learning. Most hunting seasons are over but the wildlife are still there and still extremely wary. Walk in the woods, notice the different tracks and sign, get use to being aware of the wind and it's direction. Practice walking in the woods and keeping the wind in your face. Sometimes that takes a knowledge of your terrain to figure out where to start and use the wind to your advantage. Good deer hunters use this time of year to place stands for next season and to scout.
Different types of wildlife have different sensors that are there best defenses. Deer can see tiny movements from great distances but can't see you sitting in from of them if your motionless and odorless.
I've been hunting for 40 years and am still learning, just get out there and get started.

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Default RE: i'd appreciate some help

your best bet is maybe the web sites buckmagnet posted and doing some searches on deerhunting and things like that and maybe goto the library and get some books and things like that...also dont be afraid to ask questions here...ask anyhting you can think of...even if it seems stupid we were all in your place at one time or another and know what its like and will gladly help you..as you start learning go out once in a while and see if you can find the rubs and scraps and deer trails that the books and sights been telling you about and things like that...if you can its always nice to find someone that knows there stuff and can actually take oyu out hunting..it made my way into hunting easy being my dad hunted all his life..he taught me all he knows except some of the little secrets that he doesnt want me to know lol and i learn everytime im out and reading books and magazines and sites help still even after taking 4 deer in my life...theres alot of great people here and most will gladly help you...some may live in your area and may take you hunting or scouting to show you how its done...my cousin really doesnt hunt and im just waiting for hte day i can drive and were going to get him his first deer..it will make me happy to pass along the ropes..welcome to the site and stay a while...you can learn alot from us guys that been there and done that! post away!
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Default RE: i'd appreciate some help

Welcome to the board. Stick around and you learn a lot
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Default RE: i'd appreciate some help

Like all others I Say WELCOME ABOARD!!!!!!!! I think what you need to do is figure out what you want to hunt for mainly. Then ask some questions about that. It would be like asking some one abou cars, some will tell you makes, others will tell you engines, some will tell you where te best place to drive them are. so tell us where you live,( just a state would do fine ) what kind of animal you want to hunt and maybe what kind of firearms you have accessability to. then we can more easily provide you with answers, tips and how to's. the guys and gal that write in these forums are some of the greatest people i have had the oppuritunity to coorespond with. They are freindly, knowledgeable, and most of all filled with hunting stories and advise which will help you enjoy the best sport offered on this planet. don't be affraid to ask. And please do not take this writting of mine as cynical, i am just trying to get more info so you can get the most out of your experience and someday pass them down to others! good luck in your hunting endeavors and GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!
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