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All ILLINOIS resident deer hunters!!!!!!!

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Default RE: All ILLINOIS resident deer hunters!!!!!!!


ORIGINAL: uncle matt


I received my firearms application weeks ago and mailed it back shortly thereafter. I didnt like the idea of paying them the extra $1.75 or whatever it is for convenience this year.

Our good friend Rod has been redirecting (stealing) money from the DNR for a long time, this is not suprising. I still cant believe he was elected to a second term. very, very depressing.
I GLADLY pay the extra $1.78 to apply online!

How and when will you discover that your mailed in application never got there?

"Lost in the mail"

My best guess is if it was lost in the mail you'll start having a clue about mid-October - long after you would have even the slimmest chance of doing anything about it (i.e. apply for a daily random drawing tag).

In addition, when you apply online you know what tags you've gotten very soonafter they are issued as the results of the 1st and 2nd lotteries are posted online. I don't believe that isavailable for the mail in applications. So then you can start applying for the daily drawings if you want additional tags.

But that's just my 2 cents worth. (Actually 178 cents worth - LOL)

Well its pretty simple, my check cleared my bank on 04/23/07.All applications are listed on the website, not just internet apps. So there is no added benefit.

Maybe I'm justa little grumpy this morning but I dont care for the tone of your response, mr high & mighty, lol.
Roy we are on the same side here - let's not forget that. Blogo is a back stabbing thief without a shadow of a doubt. He would like the DNR to be dissolved entirely and their operations "farmed out". Probobly to create some way for him to direct contracts/commisions (i.e. $$$) to his cronies who he later, when discovered, denies knowing or having any sort of relationship with.

I was not sure if the mailed in app results were listed online as I have never checked for one. I have applied online since it was made available. I did state "my best guess" and "I believe".

As to the "added benefit". I believe there is an added benefit - but possibly not. Added benefit being that when you apply online you get an instant transaction number issued to show that you're app has indeed been received by the DNR. I can't see where any transaction number is issued or any quick verification that a mailed in application has been recieved by the DNR.

Nothing suprises me with what Blogo will do with the DNR! NOTHING! He does not see it as stealing. He considers it "re-appropriation" of state funds. But we are talking about tax money. Taxes from sales of licenses, permits, stamps, etc are specifically put in place to raise revenue for things related to hunt/fish/hike/parks, etc. I beleive that it is indeed stealing.

I hope that someone, with the power/ability to do something,will wake up and grab this guy by the ball$ when he gets caught "re-appropriating" funds from Pittsman-Roberson. That is federal money - not state. Charge him, convist him and put the crook where crooks belong. Like a federal pen!

He is such a arrogant, ignorant POC. I teach Hunter Safety here in IL and doother things with the DNR. He started cutting positions practically from day one! Every area diractor has a full workload +! So nutbag starts eliminating some area directors entirely (budget cuts) and took their work load and piled it on other surrounding area directors. And expects them to perform just as always?

Hey Blowgo, although you already have your hands full with running (ruining) the State of Illinois, we going to give you 1/2 of Indiana to run too. That shouldn't be a problem should it? We're just gonna consider it "tightening our belt". Now get to work. Complaining is just keeping you from doing your job - and 1/2.

In closing, in regard to my official title, I would appreciate ample respect. It is Mr. High and Mighty. The M in Mr is capitalized as is H in High& M in Mighty. Also the and cannot be abbreviated with a & it is to be spelled out - and. Respect shall be givenwithlittle or no hesitation. - LOL

Peace out

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Default RE: All ILLINOIS resident deer hunters!!!!!!!

Illinois needs to kick the Chicago area out of its state and all will be well. Most of Illinois is low populated farmland, Chicago is a highly populated liberal mecca. No Chicago, No DNR problems
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Default RE: All ILLINOIS resident deer hunters!!!!!!!

ORIGINAL: MOhunter4life

Illinois needs to kick the Chicago area out of its state and all will be well. Most of Illinois is low populated farmland, Chicago is a highly populated liberal mecca. No Chicago, No DNR problems
Amen to that, the Blago & Daley tandem can do some real damage. The only saving grace is that the revenue that hunting brings to this state.....I don't think that Blago will want to give that up.
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Default RE: All ILLINOIS resident deer hunters!!!!!!!

The IDNR has a pretty good website with constant updates. I honestly can't believe that many of you would be waiting for the apps to arrive in the mail instead of paying the tiny little net fee! Seems a bit thick headed to me!

However, I didn receive all of our apps well in time that we could have sent them in but by the time they got here I already had all of our FIrearm and Muzzleloader tags PAIF for and the receipt in hand. It really is the only way to do it in my opinion.

Better luck nexty time. The only good thing about this mix up is that there should be excess tags available for the next lottery drawing.
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