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Your thoughts????

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Default Your thoughts????

I have hunted on and off for several years for white tail. I will hunt a few years, get bored with it, then start again a few years later.

Anyhow, my question is in regards to scent, sound and sight. I have shot several deer over the years and only one has been picked off out of a stand. Others I have just sat in the brush or been walking on my property and shot them.

I am questioning everything that these TV shows and mass producers are marketing and how in the world they convince so many people to buy their products.

For instance, two days after season opened I took my daughter (10) and my son (5) hunting with me. My daughter can be failry quiet. However, mys son always seems to make as much noise as a freight trane whatever hes is doing. After sitting on the edge of a wheat field for 40 minutes (and after he shouted "holy crap there is a giant spider coming at me") I shot a 10 point buck. All this while chewing tabacco and spitting on the ground and even standing up to take a leak. Really makes me question how intelligent deer are about scent and sound.

Yesterday I decided to go hunt mid afternoon. I drive up to 100 acres I own and just across the neighbors fence are 5 doe looking at me as I drive by. I decide to go ahead and park at the gate (150 yards from where they were) and see if I could get them over the fence. Now mind you, this was in plain sight. They saw me (I have never owned anything camo) and I saw them as I walked to an oak tree to sit down.

I sat there for 20 minutes before they jumped the fence and walked towards me. I shot one doe and sat waiting while the others ran like they were lost. Five minutes later 2 doe came right back at me. I did not shoot because if I had, my season was over as we are only allowed 1 buck and 2 doe. Anyhow, this disproves the sight aspect in my oppinion.

As I said, over the years I have shot several deer and most were stalked and never spooked.

What are your experiences over the years?
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Default RE: Your thoughts????

well I'm pretty new to this, but I was busted by a doe last weekend sitting in my tree stand. I was perfectly still, perfectly quiet waiting for her to come out from behind some brush. She was out about 20 yards nose to the ground when the wind died. It took her a second, but she froze, brought her head up and looked right at me. Then took off. It had to have been scent.
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Default RE: Your thoughts????

You just shot some dumb deer lol could not help that sorry .Really deer are very curious animals I very seldom use camo just go in the woods, sit on a bucket be still and bang .
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Default RE: Your thoughts????

I go just about everyday. Every year I get a little better. This year they haven't been smelling me
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Default RE: Your thoughts????

Where do you live?....
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Default RE: Your thoughts????

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Default RE: Your thoughts????

Was sitting with my nephew a couple weeks ago..Eating an Almond joy, got a piece of coconut stuck in my throat and started coughing BAD! My nephews just looking at methinking you idiot!! Not 2 minutes later he says shhhh! grabs the gun and knocked over a doe that was walking down a trail not 60 yards away..

I think scent is alot more worrysome than sound too a deer.
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Default RE: Your thoughts????

Deer are just like people.
Some days they pay attention to scent, some days not. Some deer are flat out smarter than others (just like people too).

Generally, depending on pressure, does have always been considered dumb and will come out early and are very tolerant of people and scent. Where I hunt now, we have way too many deer. The only thing you can't kill are spikes and spotted fawns. As a result, the does have gotten as smart and hard to kill as the bucks. I have sat in a stand and watched a doe zig-zag through the woods, looking up in the trees for people in stands and testing the wind. The two young ones with her were learning by example. When I was growing up, spikes were just about as savvy as the bigger bucks w/ does being considered the dummies. Now, I see spikes all the time, running around like morons. Since they are being left alone, they have become more tolerant just like the does were.

Early in the season, especially bow season, I notice that in my area the deer tend to be very tolerant of scent. I have had does and bucks hang out down wind of me for long periods. A couple of months ago I even had a doe sniff and lick a marking stick I had stuck in the ground, by hand, as a 30 yard marker. Fast forward to this weekend. My son and I sat and watched a spike and three does feeding in the field in front of us. As they moved from right to left, they moved into our scent. The noses went up, crinkled, legs got all stiff and the radar went on. They all get antsy and knew something was up and all started moveing back out of the field. There is no doubt, they smelled us.

So, it just depends on how much the deer in your area are being messed with and how sensative they are.

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Default RE: Your thoughts????

I wash myself and clothes in scent killer just incase but I feel they use sight way more then scent. If your still in a stand your chances are great.
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Default RE: Your thoughts????

I think that you may get lucky and shoot a mature buck during the rut without scent control and having a bunch of movement. But you will not consistently take Mature Bucks like this. That is why they are so old. You never see them because they smell, see, or hear you first. My father in law took a nice, large, 8pter the other day and it took that deer almost an hour to get into the funnle we were hunting. This was on private land that nobody had been on for weeks, except me hanging a stand 4 days before the hunt. I think you need to realize that your probably only seeing 10% of the bucks on your property.

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