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What Are Your Tag Limits and Do You Fill Them

Old 10-21-2006, 08:20 PM
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Default What Are Your Tag Limits and Do You Fill Them

I'm just intrested in the different tag limits in different areas of the county and if people are filling them.[/align][/align]I'm in Maryland and we basically have three seasons, bow, muzzle loader, and shotgun (except for the eastern shore and a few counties out west where you can use a rifle)......you can take two antlered deer and 10 anterless deer with each weapon....so that would make the total limit 36......except for the counties around DC and Baltimore and in bewteen those two cities, PG, Montgomery, Howard, etc.....there are no limits at all on anterless deer, as many as you can take.[/align][/align]Having said that I only know one guy that routinly takes about 20. I've only been hunting 4 years, the first year I started late and didn't bow hunt and took 4.......since then I usually take 10 to 12 (the majority go to my wife girl firends). Even with that I think the harvest here has fallen every year since I've been hunting....[/align][/align]...also after taking a buck you have to take two does before you can take anotherbuck......but I hear of guys checking in "ghost" does......so maybe we're not even harvesting the numbers we think we are. I also wonder if people are taking deer and not reporting or checking them, but since we have telephone check in now I don't see why they would do that......[/align]
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Default RE: What Are Your Tag Limits and Do You Fill Them

In Alabama, we can shoot 2 deer a day, only one of which can be a buck, for 110 days. Rifle season isalways 70-75 days long. So, 2 deer a day for 110 days is 220 deer per year. No, I have never gotten my limit. I think our state game laws are retarded. I know people that kill 15-20 bucks a year. Weshould havesome kind of limit on the number of bucks you can kill.
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Default RE: What Are Your Tag Limits and Do You Fill Them

In Maine 1 deer per year regardless of the season. I filled mine yesterday with a nice spike horn, 120 lbs. dressed.

Except for the expanded archery season you can buy up to ten tags with only one being a buck. That is a season in and around our cities only.
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Default [Deleted]

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Default RE: What Are Your Tag Limits and Do You Fill Them

In MD in Cecil County north of spur0701. Almost hard to fill all the tags. I work in NJ during the week which only has more liberal limits. Butcher fees are starting to put a serious dent in my wallet.
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Default RE: What Are Your Tag Limits and Do You Fill Them

I live in Game zone 5 in South Carolina. There is no limit on bucks either daily or season. There are 17 anterless deer days with 2 anterless deer allowed on each day. You can also buy up to 4 anterless deer tags for use anytime. Our gun season runs Sept 15 to Jan 1 so one can kill alot of deer if one likes. I trying to put 4 deer in the freezer this year.
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Default RE: What Are Your Tag Limits and Do You Fill Them

The WMA I hunt in FL is: Daily 2, Possession 4, from Nov.11 to Jan.7. All bucks must have atleastone antler 5" above hairline. No tags on bucks. Does by awarded permit only or Property adjoining 600 acres or more.
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Default RE: What Are Your Tag Limits and Do You Fill Them

Hey Spur,
Nice to see someone so close to home on the board. I live in Mechanicsville and work in Waldorf. I know what you're saying about the new check in and ghost does. I don't know how they'll be able to manage it, but you know some have to be doing it so they can shoot another buck.

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Default RE: What Are Your Tag Limits and Do You Fill Them

I live in east tn and i hunt in unit b.and your not allowed to harvest no more than 2 bucks for all three seasons(bow, muzz, and rifle.)and the first three days of muzz season your allowed 1 buck or 1 doe.and the buck you take counts towards your seasonal bag limit of 2.and after that your only allowed bucks only.In west and middle tn they have more liberal bag limits like 3 antlerless deers a day and no more than 3 bucks for the whole season.
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Default RE: What Are Your Tag Limits and Do You Fill Them

In Louisiana we can harvest 6 deer per year unless you hunt on property that has been issued Doe tags (you have to participate in a management program). No more than 3 bucks and 3 does. If you have doe tags you can shoot as many does as you can pull the trigger on (literaly). You can harvest 1 buck and 1 doe per day and the season starts Oct 1 and runs through Jan 31 4 1/2 weeks of Bow, 2 weeks of Muzzleloader and the rest is Rifle. I have yet to harvest 6 deer in 1 season in 20 years of hunting. The most I have ever shot in 1 season was 5 (all does) and that was year before last. Last year I harvested 1. I see plenty of deer every year and could harvest 6 or more every year. I am not a big buck hunter but, I will not shoot a buck unless he will go on my wall. I am just as happy to shoot a doe as I am to shoot a buck. I see no reason to shoot a 1.5 year old buck or a 2 1/2 old buck. I would much rather shoot a 3.5 and older buck and the more young bucks you let walk the more older bucks you have roaming around.
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Quick Reply: What Are Your Tag Limits and Do You Fill Them

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