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What Are Your Tag Limits and Do You Fill Them

Old 10-23-2006, 04:45 AM
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Default RE: What Are Your Tag Limits and Do You Fill Them

ORIGINAL: Buck Huntin Girl

Holy crap, hunting season could get REALLY expensive for some of you folk! LOL [&:]

Indiana checking in here, I think my husband figured it out at 16 or something like that, of course, that was counting drawn hunts in state parks and whatnot. I think the basics are, 1 buck no matter what season, that's our fairly recent OBR (one buck rule) and two antlerless. I could be off, I don't know. Unless someone asks us to get a deer for them, we only take what we need as a family of 4 (soon to be 5). 3 deer a year is plenty for us, gives us extra to make sausage, slim jims, jerky, and brats, plus the ground venison and roasts we need for our normal dinners. I know that hands down, I can take one buck and two does... no "special" tags, no drawn hunts, just basic regulations on limits. We have the one buck rule, then you can buy another license, for antlerless only, then you can buy another antlerless bonus tag.

The DNR recently enacted an emergency rule that eliminated the statewide antlerless limit , you can still only shoot one buck but you can take down as many antlerless as an individual county allows . In my county that would be 8 antlerless , then I could go to the county next door that also has an 8 limit , then the one next to that , etc. If you had the time , money , and skill you could literally take several hundred antlerless . This is exclusive of Urban Deer Zones , military reservations , park reduction hunts , etc .
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Default RE: What Are Your Tag Limits and Do You Fill Them

In Texas it depends on the county. All seasons combined in my county I can take no more than 5 deer, with no more than 3 being bucks. I have never been into the midwest or the eastern part of the US, but it seems ya'll have some really liberal limits. Is there that many deer? One poster said they could take 200 plus deer in a season. I don't hate them that much to shoot that many.
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Old 10-23-2006, 07:33 AM
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Default RE: What Are Your Tag Limits and Do You Fill Them

spur, you forgot about the federal lands and managed hunts in Md also. MNHA is Federal property. They have North, Central and South tracts where you can get 1 buck and 2 doe on each tract. There is also Shaffer Farm where you can get 1 buck and unlimited doe with a bow only. Several of the managed hunts I have been on allow you to take as many as 4 doe. Most of them allow you to take 1.
So, if you really love Venison, move to Md.

Ooops, I forgot to mention the crop damage permits also. If you are lucky enough to know a farm owner.
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Default RE: What Are Your Tag Limits and Do You Fill Them

In Massachusetts you get 2buck tags. Then there is a lottery draw for doe tags w/ a certain amount allocated to each zone. I have 1 doe tag this year. I should (hopefully) fill at least one buck tag and the doe tag. Some years there are extra doe tags. Not this year.

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Default RE: What Are Your Tag Limits and Do You Fill Them

In Minnesota you can take a maximum of 5 deer per yearusing any combination of permits and seasons. Only one can be a buck. I usually take about 3 deer because I can't bear to eat any morethan that. If someone asks for a deer, then I'll take another doe.
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Default RE: What Are Your Tag Limits and Do You Fill Them

In Louisiana, I can kill 6 per year 3 bucks and 3 does. On management areas they have certain days you can kill does, and outside the management areas you can shoot them anytime.
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Default RE: What Are Your Tag Limits and Do You Fill Them

In new york we can take one antlerless and one either sex with bow/muzzleloader, and one buck with rifle/shotgun. You can also apply for 2 doe permits in a lottlery system, depending on where you hunt. You can also use last years unused bow or regular tag during early bow season, which is the last 3 days of september. You can aslo transfer doe permits to another hunter. i dont remember the limit on tags you can transfer to your license

assuming you have no left over tags from the year before, you can shoot 5 max, plus any doe permits that other people give you.
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Default RE: What Are Your Tag Limits and Do You Fill Them

In GA, no tags, but you get 12 deer per season. 10 antlerless and 2 anterled, one of the bucks must have 4 point on 1 side. Technically you can use the buck limit for antlerless, too.

I have never killed 12, but I did get 11 one season. Most of the time I shoot 3 or 4. That's enough for the freezer. The year I shot 11, it was mostly for friends and also for donations to local food banks.
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Default RE: What Are Your Tag Limits and Do You Fill Them

in washington state its one deer and thats it for the entire yr and our rifile season is ony three weeks long
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Default RE: What Are Your Tag Limits and Do You Fill Them

Here in N.B. Canada. we are allowed 1 deer per year. You need to apply for an anterless deer tag to be able to shoot an doe
We have 2 seasons. 3 week bow season and 4 week rifle season
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