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I gotta vent...

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I agree the best scent control is playing the wind right. I think the products do help but won'tovercome wrong wind direction.Also, I've noticed over the years that when I hunt a stand, the best action is always the first one or twotimes I huntit.The more consecutive times I hunt it the less I see. I think overhunting a stand lets your scent saturate the area and the bucks wise up or go nocturnal. These days I have a handful of active spots and I try to give 4-5 days between hunting them. Luck is a factor but you won't consistently kill nice bucks using luck alone. The betteryour hunting skills the less luck you will need....
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If you are in a tree stand 25 or 30ft, set off an orange smoke bomb from your stand and see that the smoke never gets down to ground level. It will swirl around you with the changing currents, but will not come down.

For those who hunt at ground level, you have to watch the wind direct at all times. Always watchfor the deer with the wind in your face.
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I have smoked while shooting a deer. Had the cig on one side of my mouth and the kisser button in the other. I have had the wind blow at the deer and away from the deer. I believe that it is all in what the deer get use to. A friend of mine hunts the wind, wears scent lock, uses scent proof soap, and uses scent away spray...he always gets scented. I sometimes smoke on stand and sometimes use scent away spray. I may getbusted once or twice out of the 30+ times I go out each year.The spray works but I don't put too much stock in it. I feel that the deer where i usually hunt are use to the smell of smoke (since both my father and I smoke) and they just don't care.
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Well sounds like general concensus is the smart hunting and the deer's environment. Thanks for all the replies. The smoking part I can handle. But I have to be honest, and I hope I share the same opinion with many of you, it makes me uncomfortable when you run into someone who smells like they've tied one on for several days straight. Just not smart at all.
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i agree with Rebel Hog. smoking surely doesn't increase your odds of seeing deer but when you hunt 25+ feet high you don't worry about it as much. if you smoke, hunt high......leave the waste of money (scent eliminator products) for those that have a fear of heights.
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i agree with Rebel Hog. smoking surely doesn't increase your odds of seeing deer but when you hunt 25+ feet high you don't worry about it as much. if you smoke, hunt high......leave the waste of money (scent eliminator products) for those that have a fear of heights.
I agree, you may not have to worry about your scent much once you're 25+ feet high. There is one problem that I always try to remember - the scent you leave coming and going to your stand.

It don't take much. If youtouch leaves, branches, trees or any brush with your bare hands, you have left your scent behind. Those nasty little human molecules will be easily detected. Constantly hunting the same stand day after day, going inand leaving the same wayand youjust tip the scales higher into the deer's favor.

The deer already has a hugh advantage over us as part-time hunters, why give him more?
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Yesterday hunted in the morning, After the hunt changed all my clothes put them ina container. The other two guys I hunted with we went to breakfast. They wore their hunting clothes, greasy lil joint, they smoked the whole time, went and got gas afterwards. They went and stayed in their hunting clothes all day long, I went farming. In the afternoon I changed back to my hunting clothes sprayed scent cover and went to the woods. Me and the other guy were maybe 100-150 yards apart, Wind was blowing out of the south right at my partner and then me. Had two small bucks come in about 60 tards upwind from me, but downwind of the others. I thought for sure they would wind him and head my way. No such luck they went right towards him and whack he got one 15 minutes later. I think it is great no jealousy what so ever but most of hunting is being in the right place at the right time.

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