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I gotta vent...

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Default I gotta vent...

How is it that many of us go through great pains to manage ourscent, yet the guys who reak of smoke and booze from ten yards away still get trophies? During archery!!
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Default RE: I gotta vent...

Well, could it be that scent control is overrated and mainly just a marketing tool to sepreate a fool form his money? Just goes to show that hunting is 99% luck.
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Default RE: I gotta vent...

Just goes to show that hunting is 99% luck
To each his own, but this is not correct in my opinion. You do get lucky while hunting, but no. I do agree with you saying that scent control is somewhat a propaganda.
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Default RE: I gotta vent...

They probably hunt the wind, and its cheaper.
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Default RE: I gotta vent...

I won a Scent Lok from the NAHC one time. It was noisy I thought and with the scent control, and I still played the wind, I didn't see one deer. With what I had been wearing before, I had four does within 20 yards of me on the ground. That is when I discovered, I use the scent free soaps, body wash, and spray the scent elimanation before walking into the woods. Then I play the wind. Seems to work, see lots of deer and within 50 yards. So yes the scent lok is way, way over rated. And I wish they would ask some of the average hunters what they think. As I said, I thought it was really noisey and I gave it away. Wish sometime we didn't have to hear it from sponsers, but at random they would pick hunters and have them test it and willing to take the right feedback.

I figure the smokers are lucky, never understood it, but if they play the wind and get deer continually while smoking, how about handing me a cig!
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Default RE: I gotta vent...

I have been bow hunting for over 20 years. I have never gone overboard in scent control. Now I don't smoke and I never go to a gas station in my hunting clothes and I avoid any adverse oders that could get on my clothing. But thats about it I don't spend a fourtune on products that eleminate odor. And I must say I do alright bow hunting and I don't have any wants to change the way I do things.
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Default RE: I gotta vent...

I have 4 things to put out there.

1. As timber said, they are probobly using the wind in their favor. Always a good idea, however the wind ALWAYS seems to change around. Yes it may be in one direction overall, but it is always changing around. Case in point - when sitting around a smoky campfire.

2. Deer are very, very curious. A new or different smell? They do indeed like to check it out.

3. As steve f said - luck.

4. If you know of guys who are reeking of booz, then obviously they are using alcoholi beverages prior to and possibly while hunting. Not only is this illegal in most states but it is just plain a SFI! I urge all to keep away from these accidents waiting to happen. Heck, you can't get higher than hunting (well IMO sex is the only high better) why indulge in booze?
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Default RE: I gotta vent...

I had a buddy that smoked like a chimney, sat on a stand smoking, always got his deer......
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Default RE: I gotta vent...

Ignor those people and hunt smarter yourself. Do you think that if a deer smelled those people it would stick around for a shot? Obviously the deer aren't winding them. They shouldn't wind you either. Good luck.
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Default RE: I gotta vent...

There are so many factors that play into seeing deer. Scent is one, luck another, but still others, such as wind, temp, area hunting, pressure, etc...Scent control is important to be mindful of and practice, but you do not need scentlok type of clothing to do so.
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