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Default scents

I went to my local Wal-Mart and was overwelmedby all the scents. They had gells, liquid, sprays,EVERYTHING! Whatshould i get?
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Default RE: sents


FYI, not trying to be rude.

as far as scents, i have no idea. all i have ever used is some doe-pee type stuff in a film bottle with a cotton ball. never really had any luck with that or anything else.
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Default RE: scents

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Default RE: scents

I would get downwind of the area I think the deer are coming from and save my money. I've never shot a deer while using scents, and I've shot a lot of them.
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Default RE: scents

Just another gimmick to take your money.
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Default RE: scents

Scents are mainly for covering your own scent so the deer can't detect you.
Some scents claim to attract and draw in deer, but I have yet to have it draw in a deer for me.
A friend of mine swears by code blue standing doe, but at 35$a bottle, it is a little pricey for me.
I usually get a bottle of Tinks #69for 10$, and reley on my hunting skillsmore thanthe so called "tricks" of themerchandisers.
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Default RE: scents

Deer scent work's and quite good, if you have a green field where there some doe's go early say 3.00pm and walk with doe in heat there are many kinds, I use Tink's etc.walk on side where the deer come into field putting sent on sides and bottom of boots, then walk into field and make 90 deg turns and head back to where you will hide and put some on branches near your hiding spot and watch, you will be amazed, buck's come out late if you have binoculars stay late and the bucks will follow your tracks, next night do it again and buck's will chase doe's thinking there ready to breed, they get quite crazzy. now saying all of this if rut is not near it will not work it works like crazzy in the second week of Nov in west Quebec but it is quite cold well into frezzing tempsand the rut is on
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Default RE: scents

Code Blue standing doe is the only thing I have ever used that really worked. I wait until the chase is on and use it then. For mock scrapes I use Code blue Tarsel, buck and doe gel.
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Default RE: scents

i have never used or bought any type of scent.....and don't plan on it. I think it is a waste of money
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Default RE: scents

Deer scents work well when used properly. Say for example this time of theyear, if youre bow hunting, you dont want anything that you would use during the rut. This time of the year your best bet would be using curriosity scents. Or a natural attractant, such as corn, apple, molases, accorn, etc. Then come mid October when the bucks are making their scrape line youll want to use somethign on the pre-rut line of scents, most of these again are curiosity scents, then in late October, to mid November, begin using your rut scents, personallyI like the bottled stuff used with scent wicks, I like to use the scents more as a treat that way I can take the wicks out with me at the end of the day. The gell is nice if youre only hunting a day or two out of the week but I hunt every day. Therefore removing the scents at the end of the hunt, improves my chances of getting a buck or a big doe depending on what Im hunting for. Dont over do it on the scents, also read all warning lables, some scents and attractants may attract predators such as bear.
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