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Default RE: Meat

I process all my own, I debone it, let it cool off in the freezer
and put on a deli slicer. It works good for me and helps saves
me time. I also grind my own hamburg.
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Default RE: Meat

I never taken a deer to be processed. Always done it myself. If your thinking about trying it, get with someone who processes their deer and watch, not hard at all. Takes a little time to package but well worth the effort.
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Default RE: Meat

I used to do my own all the time but found my hunting time too valueble so I started bringing them to a meat processor. Its nice to get it all back just like a grocery store. I know $70.00 per deer is a lot when yu got 6 or 7 deer to do a year but like I said how much is your hunting time worth.
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Default RE: Meat

I process my own deer. My dad and I usually do the cutting and my wife and mom help with wrapping. I use butcher paper (freezer type) and double wrap
i completely debone my deer as I do the processing. Any pieces or parts that are going to be touch I bottle. Neck also gets bottled. Rest is steaks and chops.

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Default RE: Meat

Me and my dad do our own stuff (steaks and such) but bring it to the store for making hambuger. Cost us $40ish for two deer last year, so I'm not complaining
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Default RE: Meat

My wife and I do all of mine. We debone and slice the better cuts into steaks, the rest goes into the grinder to make burger/sausage. The dog even gets a couple nice bones to gnaw on for a while.
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Default RE: Meat

Ilearned out of a book. Now I do it all from the butchering to making my own jerky.sausage.burger,venison pastrami to enjoying my endevers. Someone said it's work but enjoy it as much as the hunt.Plus I know it was done right.
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Default RE: Meat

It depends.
My father used to do all of his deer, then later what my brother got. By the time I was starting he was lucky to get the first 2 days of the season off so they all started going to the processor. When you'd come down with 3 deer and it cost $150 total for good work and packaging it was worth it.
Now the last few years, since he retired and I have a little more time off myself, we usually take care of everything ourselves. He does the skinning and heavy butchering and I do the final cutting, we all do the packaging.
But if it's been a busyand no spare time to be had,and a early season/warm weather kill, then we still take it to the processor so it's done fast and there is no worry about spoilage.

(to be noted, that is myself and my father doing everything. my older brother isn't lazy, he is forgetful and .... preoccupied to the point of being lost most of the time. The type of person to show up 2 days late to his own funeral because he forgot when to be there, and then got side tracked on his way )
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Default RE: Meat

I process my own
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Default RE: Meat

I do all my own and a lot for local hunters. I normally do about 30 to 40 deer each season. I do everything except make jerky. Too much time involved.
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