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rattling question

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Default rattling question

Just wanted to know from some experienced rattlers. Does a buck to doe ratio have an affect on the effectiveness of rattling? Say that a there is a bad buck to doe ratio (ex. 1 buck to 12 does) does that make rattling less ideal? Thanks for the help!
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Default RE: rattling question

The more bucks around the better the ratteling will be. But you know they are territorial so a buck will come and investigate the ruckas to see what others are in his area. There is like a week that ratteling works really good during the rut. Play with it and you will figure out when that is. For me it is whenI first start seeing bigger bucks chase does. They are primed for a fight then. To answer your ? though, yes the more the better.
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Default RE: rattling question

Closer the ratio the higher the desire is to compete for breeding rights will be for the bucks in your area. Rattlingduring rutworks best in areas where the bucks must compete to breed - so you have it correct. However rattling also works well as a curiosity call, by toning down the rattling sequences you can make it more like a sparring match vs a drag down fight. I have rattled in deer as early as sept to well past the prime rut in mid november(here) by adjusting the tone or call to reflect a different aspect to the yearly breeding cycle's. IMHO pre-rut is by far the best time to rattle, from bachelor group/velvet shedding thru to rut. Simply take it down a notch and grind/tinkle the antlers to replicate a couple of bachelor bucks sparring.
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Default RE: rattling question

if there arent any big deer in your area rattling might scare them away ...if there is heavy competition for a doe rattling is the way to go ...
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Default RE: rattling question

I agree with the others when the ratio is close the better your chances are.
When you start to rattle start off light like sparring then kick it up a little don't forget to stomp the ground or shake some brush, you want it tosound realilistic this trick works durring the prerut and thru the rut.
Also when rattling you'll want tomake some snort/ wheez sound , make it sound like two bucks are really going at it and make a couple gunt sounds too if you ever heard them fighting try to mimick the sounds you hear.
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Default RE: rattling question

Awesome advice, thanks for all the help!
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Default RE: rattling question

As the fellows who would know best have said rattling is a tactic that varies in it's use depending upon what part of the season your in.At home (New York State catskill mountains) Doe to buck ratios are seriously out of whack,I hardly ever rattle and if I do I either mimic light sparring trying to get a curiousity response.If I knew that I was in an area that held two dominant bucks I would go at it more aggressively depending upon what part of the season I was hunting.
Where I hunt out of state every year rattling is a very effective tactic.Like any game calling I believe your first sequence should be light,you don't know how close you may be to a cruising buck,especially if you are in an area with limited visability.
I will never forget the first time I rattled in a nice buck,he came crashing through the woods with his ears laid back,fire in his eyes.I looked down at the antlers in my hands in disbelief,Holy s--t this rattling stuff is for real!
It is about as exciting as it gets! Good luck to you!
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