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Drawing the line part 2

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Default RE: Drawing the line part 2

I personally have never gone by the big tent thing...there's a lot ways to go about legally killing deer that I don't like. I have been hunting deer for over 50yrs. and in this time span have seen many changes and don't like the direction hunting is going in. However it's like butting your head agaisnt the wall trying to say anything about it, because hunting is mostly a young and middle aged person's pastime. Most people seem to get out of hunting when they get some age on them and the younger ones don't like to be told anything because they already know it all. So I just do my thing and don't worry about others doing there's.
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Default RE: Drawing the line part 2

ORIGINAL: NY Bowhunter


Hey wanna argue again?
Eventually about who is buying the next round.
I'm pretty sure it's your turn [:-][8D]
While you're buying, I'll take a cherry coke! (cherry Brandy and coke,) or a shot of Crown!

As for the "big tent" thing, I don't think that supporting "legal," hunting is really the "big tent!"
I don'tHAVE to like certain things but, there are just lots of styles of hunting that we don't like, that we have really never done before, and places we've never been to before! IMO, that skews our opinions some times! There ARE local wildlife department hearings, that ARE a great place to voice opinions on law changes! Even here, some debate is healthy!
Name calling, and put downs, do NOTHING GOOD for hunting!

Generally, if its legal, and it brings people into the sport of hunting, ITS GOOD FOR US ALL!
I can seeAT LEAST, a little difference between a "feed pen," and a 30,000 acre ranch!
LEGAL hunting, is NOT the enemy of hunting! Poaching, and Anti'sARE the enemies of hunting!I guess if thats "big tent," then I'm big tent!
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Default RE: Drawing the line part 2

I have the right to do anything that is legal no matter what anyone else thinks.
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Default RE: Drawing the line part 2

ORIGINAL: cardeer

I have the right to do anything that is legal no matter what anyone else thinks.
Dead on Cardeer!! What is acceptable by long standing tradition in one area may be considered unethical elsewhere. Using deer dogs, baiting, driving deer are all acceptable somewhere and tradition has made them acceptable. It may not agree with our own personal desires but we hunters should do our best to "stay under the big tent"

As far as the anti's, they think it's unethical for us to put on camoflage, climb trees and wait in ambush for a deer. I've seen PETA material that makes us out to be monsters because some of us ambush animals from 100+ yards with scoped high power rifles. It doesn't really matter to them how we do it.

You could take any form of hunting and twist it into something unethical or unfair to the game if you have a PETA mindset. We need be less critical of our brother hunters methods, so long as they're legal where practiced.

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Default RE: Drawing the line part 2

Although I may not agree with or practice certain methods of hunting, I will defend others rights to do so, up to a certain point. That point is whereI feel that regardless of being legal the act does more harm than good to the overall sport. The 2 things that come to mind are "canned" hunts and poison darts/arrows etc. The "canned" thing I don't really care if its legal or not, I just wish there was another distinction so that it wouldn't be defined as "hunting". The poison thing I don't feel should be legal under any circumstance.
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Default RE: Drawing the line part 2

On a bad day, I find myself wishing that the deer population in Illinois would just disappear because of all the problems that have developed out of the cult mentality and ensuing conductby some folks. But, on a good day, i realize that much of it is really none of my business, and deer hunting in general isa big economic boost, promotes habitat preservation,and helps to attract new hunters.
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Default RE: Drawing the line part 2

I don't go along with the big tent theory because there are as many ways and views on hunting as there are people. Some are good for the sport and others are not. Someone earlier said that ethics and morals are taught not learned by a few weekends in field. I believe that is true and try to live that way. One thing that has become clear is that geographic areas have a lot to do with different methods and what is acceptable and what isn't. Hunting deer with dogs, for instance, is legal and accepted in some of our southern states. It is a time honored tradition and is quite foreign to me as a northerner. I don't hunt with dogs here because it is illegal and really don't think much of the practice. If I lived down south, I might view it differently. Here in Vermont the Native American descendants have always speared and shot spawning Northern Pike in the spring. They walk through flooded lowlands and shoot pike with high powered rifles. They have been doing it for generations and some newer legislators have tried to outlaw the practice. The Natives have won and the tradition continues even though it is not sporting or biologically acceptable. I don’t like it so I don’t do it but some people I know still go and it is legal. To each his own. To thine own self be true DDis the way we all should hunt and talk about our sport. Do what you think is right but be considerate of others views and practices.
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Default RE: Drawing the line part 2

I believe that what is illegal is illegal and what I think is wrong . . . I think is wrong but the next guy might think is OK. Come on! You don't have to think about this subject very long to find differences between how people think about hunting!!! The notion that "if I think it is wrong, by golly it is wrong!" doesn't cut it.

I happen to not like the idea of feeding deer that I plan to hunt. I define this pretty broadly. I hunt on someone else's land. I suggested building a stand in a specific location where the brush is too high to hunt because the deer are out of sight in the bush. He responded positivelyto this idea and added, lets make it tall enough to put a feeder under it. My interest went away: I don't want to hunt somewhere that I have artificially altered the deer patterns. I want to discover the deer behavior and trails and use this to hunt the deer . . . I don't want to trick the deer or modify their behavior to hunt them. My dislike of feeding deer includes any mechanical feeders, dumping corn on the ground in a specific area, planting crops for the purpose of attracting/feeding deer. Others certainly do this! Devices are sold for this purpose by Cabela's and Bass Pro Shop and are advertised in the hunting magazines. I see articles about planting food plots for deer.

It may well be that others have a similar objection to hunting with a high power centerfire rifle with a scope, as I hunt. The playing field is not level when I use such an advanced weapon. I should constrain my weapon to a bow and arrow or a muzzle loader and use them responsibly, only shooting when my target practice leads me to believe I can have high confidence in making a mortal shot. I understand the content and rationale of this argument. To such people, it may be wrong to hunt with the weapon I choose to use.

So . . . I don't know many hunting practices that are legal but which could be asserted as objectively and universally "wrong." Just my $0.02
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