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When to quit rattling?

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Default When to quit rattling?

How late into the season do you all rattle? Do you guys rattle morning and evening. I've had luck rattling in the morning but not in the evening. Maybe their just not as agressive in the evening. I always stop rattling 1hr before dark, hoping not to spook the doe that I hopeis leading a buck to my stand. What do you rattlers out there do? What type of sequence do you use? I usually snort-wheeze twice and then rattle for 2 minutes or so.
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Default RE: When to quit rattling?

During pre rut I rattle in the morning. Late pre rut(heavy chasing phase)to full blown rut(bucks actually getting some)I rattle between 10-3. Post rut back to morning and midday. I never rattle on the evening sit. Why, haven't had much success & I really want to be a spectator vs the main event at this time!!! Same for the first hour of the day.

If I call in pre or post rut I stick to contact grunts. During rut or the chase pahse in late pre rut I will also use contact grunts, huffing grunts(tending) andsome doe bleats. I don't always start the rattling with a call...often I just lock them up and tinkle. My sequences start with rubbing on trees and scraping the ground they are soft, low intensity and short duration (30 sec) to begin. I ease this up to min rattling and more intensity during the rut. I rattle approx 20-30min apart but often grunt at the midpoint to keep contact if a buck is approaching. During the rut I will end my sequences by pounding on the ground to simulate a deer fleeing, then raking of trees/ground by the winner and may even throw out a few grunts.

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Default RE: When to quit rattling?

I usually hunt from my tree stand so i can't pound on the ground/rake trees. I tie my horns to my haul line and place them at ground level, to keep the sound at ground level. By pulling and shaking on the line I am able to rattle lightly or hard and also make the horns drop and hit the ground/leaves and sound like hooves. I have read aboutand seen hunters on T.V. Didn't think it would sound to good but gave it a try and it actually sounds great. Takes some time/practice to get the horns to do what ever it is your trying to do but has worked well for me so far. I actually rattled a nice 14" 7point up yesterday. Not a shooter but it helped my rattling confidense.
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Default RE: When to quit rattling?

Well for the first time this season it happened, I got skunked! I started rattling and gruntingaround 3:00 and did it every half-hour after that. Nothing but squirells. I know if you saw themevery hunt it wouldn't be hunting. When I got back to my truck it sounded like a wholeherd took-off. I think bucks probably will not leave does to go fight unless the threat is very close. But grunting will attract does wich in turn the bucks will follow.
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