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skinning and butchering

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Default skinning and butchering

i am looking at doing my processing my self due to the not being a processor near me i hope you all can hope

i need any tips or tricks to make it easy i would like any info on where to get a video and or guides what is the best way to cool it and how long do i age the meat before i freeze it and is there a certain time that i have to leave it in the freezer thanks ahead for any information
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Default RE: skinning and butchering


check in that one there are a few video's on it..
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Default RE: skinning and butchering

I have a video that I bought from Cabelas, which covers field care, skinning and butchering. Larry Metz is the narrator and demonstrator. Here's the link, http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/templates/links/link.jsp?id=0005991613056a&type=product&cm Cat=search&returnString=hasJS=true&_D%3Aha sJS=+&QueryText=deer+processing&_DARGS=%2F cabelas%2Fen%2Fcommon%2Fsearch%2Fsearch-box.jsp.22&N=4887&Ntk=Products&Ntx=mod e+matchall&Nty=1&Ntt=deer+processing&n oImage=0&returnPage=search-results1.jsp
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Default RE: skinning and butchering

If u r looking for any easy way to make old buck meat nice and tender try canning it. U can it by cutting the meat into stew meat sized chunks, filling a mason jar about one inch from the top with meat, fill the jar halfway up with water, add two bay leaves to the top to kill the gamey taste and then pressure cook it. This makes it nice and tender and really easy to cook afterwards, as it's almost completely cooked already. Make sure u take the bay leaves out before final cooking as they are poisinous if ingested.
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Default RE: skinning and butchering

Skinning is much easier the quicker you do it. I like to get the skin off mine as soon as I get it hung up. It will peel right off. I then let it hang in a meat locker for a day then cut it up. Just my preference.
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Default RE: skinning and butchering

I like to hang mine for at least 3-4 days and 5 is even better. I don't skin until I am ready to butcher even though it comes off harder. I have a cool shady spot in the cedars at camp and it usually is cold enough to let it hang for 5 days. Butchering and skinning takes me about 4 hours. Long ago I had a meat cutter neighbor do the first few for me at the house and now I know the proper way to bone it out. I never got into the canning thing but I think I will try it. Everyone that does it says it is the best.
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Default RE: skinning and butchering

Check out the thread link posted it has lots of the info your looking for!

As to aging, it is a debate that will never be solved in our lifetime. I am of the opinion that aging of game is simply not required. Here is why first you must understand what aging means "it is a controlled form of rot". In domestic animals the aging has a couple fo benefits:
1) The meat is poreous so it will actually stretch, breaking down the fibres to create tender cuts.
2) The fat content in the meat (marbling) is much higher on domestic animals.

If you look at game neither of these things apply. The only thing that will make a difference in the tender"factor" is therigor mortis process is complete. This process is complete in less than 24 hours after death. So IMO & IME hanging or aging game for anything longer than a day really does nothing, it is more to do with the time factor. However I have hot boned animals and had no meat quality issues..the biggest thing I have found is more blood in the package upon thawing. I will say if you can control the temperatureit doesn't hurt to hang in for 3-5 days either. The key is controlled and many don't have such a luxury of a walk in cooler. For aging the ideal temperature is 34-37 F. If it freezes the process of aging is stopped, iftemperature goeshigher the aging process is increased..as the meat will rot quicker at higher temperatures. You can pack it in ice, place it in coolers by quarters or fridge age to keep the meat cool. If using ice I would freeze plastic jugs or keep it bagged as you don't want the meat laying in melted ice or water. If you have no other option than cubed ice make sure to drain of the water & re stock as required. So it really boils down to what you have to work with. If I can let it hang for 24 hours I will but the warmest I want that meat isless than 50degrees once the body heat is released. If not it gets boned out. BTW remove the tenderloins before you age it, they don't get any tender as it is the only muscle on a animal that does absolutely nothing...so they are as tender live as they are dead! Also on a deer they are not real large and will skin over with air contact very quickly, resulting in a loss of some very yummy meat. Mine never make the freezer, they are out and in the pan as soon as removed!

As far as dressing. I gut it immediately, makes sure the internal carcass is clean and any debris is removed. I also believe in removing the hide as soon as possible to help in the cooling process.

Good Luck
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Default RE: skinning and butchering

a good wife always helps.
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