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neoprene vs canvas

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Default neoprene vs canvas

i found some closeout waders and i have some ? regarding neoprene. do they rip easily is 4mm enough they have 400 grams of thinsulate.are they hard to get off and on.More or less are they better than canvas?any advice would be apprecitated.thanks
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Default RE: neoprene vs canvas

Neoprene is the best thing to happen to waders. There's been way fewer deaths from drowning since neoprene came on the scene. Just make sure you get the right weight (3ml, 4ml, 5ml, ect.) for the activity. 3 ml stocking foot take a bit more time to get into, but you can travel miles of river bar in them with total comfort. 5 ml boot foot waders are easy to get in and out of and are still cosy to wear, but they're primarily designed for bird hunting and staying warm. They're all good.

Canvas is sort of a thing of the past for everday waders. You'll still see some fly fishermen using some some lightweight, trendy, expensive ones to do their thing. I'm not sure if it's because of the comfort or the nostalgia. Maybe they like the way they sound when their thighs rub together.

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Default RE: neoprene vs canvas

Neoprene are more expensive, more comfortable, and maybe a little harder to get into and out of (if you have a little extra insulation). They don't last as long as canvas, especially if you walk through brush to get to the water. If you can swing the extra cash, neoprene are the way to go (unless to have even more extra $, in which case you should consider some of the 'breathable' waders). You can usually get two sets of canvas waders for the price of neoprene, or waders and hip boots.
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Default RE: neoprene vs canvas

Well I see you live in WI. I live accross the big pond in MI. I own .5 mm Neoprene. I am a smaller guy and I will tell you straight up in early goose and early season, you will sweat like a nervous piggy about to be eaten by a City person.

In mid season you will warm up if you wear them very far to walk but when you sit still you will be comfortable.

Come late season you will be very thankful you have them. You will think of how smart you were when you step out of the water and sit down and watch them stiffen from the ice forming on them.

Now I have a friend whom is a bigger build guy over 6 foot. He had a pair of .5 mm and gave them away he was always to warm in them even standing in November in the water waist deep he would have his coat undone and wiping his brow.

The real issue is what are you liek and where you hunt or live. If you are a person who is able to stay warm and comfortable in the cold naturaly then you will probably not want the .5mm if you are liek me and are always cold in anything below 40 degrees then .5mm neoprene is very nice.

As far as Canvas. I will say I prefer the Neoprene myself. Also I have heard it said you have to be careful with neoprene. Or it will tear or rip. I say it depends on what you buy. I have worn mine through the forest 3 miles. I have broken through brush in them. I have belly crawled 1/2 mile over rocks branches, Sticks, and dirt to get to the edge of a pond for geese. I have had this current pair for three years now and no tears rips or holes.

I also hunt a lot of areas with a TON of snags and root clumps hidden in the water and weeds of the ponds.
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