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Duck gun

Old 08-27-2003, 07:01 PM
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Default Duck gun

hello , i was thinking of upgrading my gun this year , i currently shoot an 870 chambered for 2 3/4 inch shells .
i hunt in salt and fresh water , and was wondering about the camo barrels on the newer type guns, do they hold up ? or should i just get a blued gun ad forget about them , i don' t mind cleaning but am a little worried that with a little wear and tear they will not be worth the extra money for the camo
Last year at the end of the season , i saw Dicks had a camo' d Bennelli on sale for $399, that has to be the budget model , did i miss a great deal?
also a local shop has a winchester for about $820 , i never owned a winchester , would you reccommend them?
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Old 08-27-2003, 08:29 PM
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Default RE: Duck gun

if you alread have an 870, you may want to get the 870 super mag as your next gun. it should feel the same, handle about the same, use the same choke tubes, and fire 3 or 3.5 inch shells.
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Old 08-28-2003, 05:41 AM
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Default RE: Duck gun

if you alread have an 870, you may want to get the 870 super mag as your next gun. it should feel the same, handle about the same, use the same choke tubes, and fire 3 or 3.5 inch shells.
I' ll second that. I have the Remington 870 SPS in 3.5 mag. It shoots like a dream and the 870s take a lickin and keep on tickin.
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Old 08-31-2003, 01:57 PM
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Default RE: Duck gun

I have a remington 870 super mag. It is the camo model. The gun looks the same as the day I bought it. Getting tossed around the duck boat or going through brush for deer, there isn' t a spot of the camo missing. Great gun!!!
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Old 08-31-2003, 09:59 PM
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Default RE: Duck gun

I also have an 870 super mag. It' s getting its first run at the real thing in the morning. Last year I borrowed a buddies 870 and it was great. Had a lot to do with the reason I bought mine. What kind of Winchester are you looking at? A buddy I hunt with just bought a Model 1300. He' s kinda partial to Winchester. MY opinion in regards to the saltwater, general conditions, etc. is that if you take care of your stuff it shouldn' t be a problem. I have heard of guys who take their equipment out in harsh weather and then wait forever to clean it up and wonder why there are problems with it. Personally, when I bought my gun earlier in the year I agonized for several months over what type of finish to get. Black synthetic vs. camo vs. wood/blue. I finally decided that for ME my treatment of the gun wouldn' t be any different regardless of the finish. So I broke down and bought my Remington 870 Wingmaster Super Mag., and you know what ... it was worth every penny I payed for it. That' s my nickels worth from this corner of the world.
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Old 09-02-2003, 09:18 AM
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Default RE: Duck gun

benelli sbe is the only way to go. Will never need another gun. Mind is fabulous and will shoot even after falling in mud! Very fast and easy to shoot.
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Old 09-07-2003, 01:31 AM
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Default RE: Duck gun

i agree with the rest the only thing i would do is get the 870 super mag that shoots 3.5 inch. The only reason I don' t own it is I' m left handed and shoot both ways so I use a browning BPS (because it' s bottom eject) in a black mat finish, and I love it. I' ve also used the new benneli auto loader that shoots the 3.5' s, very nice if you got cash to burn. personally I want cheap, simple guns that if I drop it in the pond at 3 in the morning or the dog knocks it in the mud I won' t cry because it' s worth as much as my truck!!!! stick with the 870!!!!
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Old 09-10-2003, 03:59 PM
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Default RE: Duck gun

SBE is the way to go but if you can' t afford it then a good good good waterfowl gun would be Benelli M-1 field especially for an upgrade gun they' re about 300 to 400 bucks cheaper than the SBE. I have an 870 expres mag. that i' ve used since I was about 14 and I just retired it here 2 years ago for my Benelli. I still use it for slug hunting but for waterfowling I wouldn' t trade my Benelli for anything else.
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Default RE: Duck gun

I have never used an 870 Super Mag but I currently own an 870 chambered for 3" shells and it works like a charm. For everything! I shoot that gun all year long! I love it! As for the camo finishes...I have no idea.
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Old 09-12-2003, 08:02 AM
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Default RE: Duck gun

Get the camo or the black matte finish.
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