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pass shooting

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Default RE: pass shooting

with geese that close and mergs at that distance id go with a mod choke and #2 for an all around load ... i use 2's on geese all the time ... as far as mergs i would go with the 2 or 4's ..... why dont ya toss out a few dekes and try croakin the mergs in closer .... works for me .... years ago i had alot of people that wanted to hunt hooded mergs (for mounts) so i came up with the idea of usin an old wood duck decoy .... cut a slit on the head and inserted a piece of flat plastic ... a bit of epoxy and sum paint and made a drake hoodie (also weighted the keel) .... worked like a charm !!! just an idea to throw at ya
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Default RE: pass shooting

Pass shooting you're not going to get as many close up shots, so Modified with BB's, as fast a load with as heavy a load as your shogun will shoot. I use BB's on all goose and late season northern ducks in recent years with modified choke. They'll penetrate the heavy feathers and bring them down with a good shot most of the time.

We had lots of opportunity for such shooting over decoys earlier with Canada Giants and later with large flocks of Snows, Blues and Lesser (Cackler) Canadas in ND pass shooting them. We did very well with the combinations I mentioned.
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