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quiet birds

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Default quiet birds

the birds in South Carolina are awful quite this year, how are they everywhere else?
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Default RE: quiet birds

Quiet where I was too. but are in full breeding mode so it don't surpirse me none.

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Default RE: quiet birds

Quiet is a understatement. They gobble maybe once on the roost and that's it. They are not responding to any calls. Setup in a swamp in a known travel area. I see a hen behind a blown down tree at 60 yards she moves to the other end of the tree and heads straight across in front of me at 70 yards. Then here come the rest of the crew, 10 hens in a row...crap. I just knew there had to be a Tom with that many hens. Sure enough there he is behind the pack at 70 yards. I threw every call out them he would'nt even give my decoys a look! Followed them 300 yards before I lost them. The old boy never came out of strut the whole time and I watched him for 30 minutes. The hens were covering alot of ground pretty quick. This weekend 75 degrees and sunny. I know were to setup and I am going to throw a Jake in my decoys. If he is still henned up and out of range I going to gobble at him. Maybe I can get him mad and bring him in. If not and they stay out of range I am going to bust them up. Follow the Tom and try to call him in after about an hour.
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Default RE: quiet birds


Sounds like an interesting plan. Never thought of a spring bust 'em up tactic. I've always associated that with fall turkey hunting. Let us know if you use it, and how it works.
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Default RE: quiet birds

This is only the second year that I've heard any gobbeling at all. But, now as the south season draws to a end the gobbels are gone. Just silent warriors left.

I too would like to see if your tactic works. Always looking for new ideas. This weekend marks the end of my season. But I can drive north to the central zone for another two weeks. And north zone two weeks after that I think.

Planing on a GA/Bama trip this month.
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Default RE: quiet birds

Is hunting season open for you guys already
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Default RE: quiet birds

It starts this weekend for Arkansas. There hasn't been much gobbling here. People hearing one or two gobbles on the roost, and then nothing. Last weekend gobbling was heard more than any other weeks. But it was alot warmer too.

This weekend, it's supposed to be stormy. Hopefully it'll hold off til after I cap my bird.
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Default RE: quiet birds

In Orangeburg county they are not saying a word. like a mute turkey. the only way I know that there were turkeys around is because we accidently busted up some hens.....had no clue they were there
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Default RE: quiet birds

They hammered up until about 8:00 today in Fairfield County, SC. Henned-up pretty bad, but did get some responses to the calls. Quit at 11:30 as the temps were approaching the 80degree mark (84high) and there is no reason to sit in the heat, when the hunting will get better in a week or so....
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