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Any Scouting Tips?

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Default Any Scouting Tips?

I've seen turkey while hunting the early bow season out here in New Jersey.

What's the best way to scout? Should I just start going for hikes in my area with a crow caller, owl hooter, and turkey caller?

If I use my turkey caller, won't the turkey know its me during the upcoming spring gobbler?
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Default RE: Any Scouting Tips?

Hello dragthor,

Always check the trails for tracks and feathers.Where ever you find them, go in the woods that day at dusk and use
your owl call,it should sound something like {who cooks for you,who cooks for yu-alllllllllll} to locate thier tree Roost.
Go very quite the next early morning to the area you located them the day before and use your owl call again a little
softer this time. Somtimes you will hear them FLY DOWN.Pick a good tree for backstop and a good shooting lane.You
must cover your head and face.Everything camo! Now start hen calling. Remember your limitations on shooting, 30-35yds..
Pick your ammo manufacture. I like #4's-3in. You have to practice your hen calling.There are cd's to listen to learn.
Once you feel ready.......Go get UM. Watch carrying your bird on your back when leaving the area,kind of Dangerous
Be as quite as you can when leaving,there might be other hunters in the area and you don't want to ruin it for them.
GOOD LUCK,dragthor!!!

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Default RE: Any Scouting Tips?

when scouting you do not want to use any turkey calling cruise the area on foot looking for tracks,feathers and droppings go early a.m. and late p.m. try to locate roost areas when located observe from afar with binos where they go after flydown feeding areas watering areas dusting areas strut zones if you locate these areas you can go back during the season more confident and hopefully with abig ole longbeard on your tote
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Default RE: Any Scouting Tips?

If I use my turkey caller, won't the turkey know its me during the upcoming spring gobbler?
I have read that and been told it to.

So I wouldn't call during any scouting trips.

It makes sence to.

Last year was my first and I made the mistake of going Putt Putt

Big mistake.

Good Luck
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Default RE: Any Scouting Tips?

Leave all your calls at home. If there are turkeys there, they will leave sign. Calling to them only educates them. They will get so they won't even answer your locator calls. If you want to hear them gobble, get up early on a sunny morning and listen.
Learn the terrain like the back of your hand. When you set up in the dark, you want to know that there are no obstacles between the turkey and you.
Get to know their travel routes. "It's easier to call a turkey if he's going there anyway."
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Default RE: Any Scouting Tips?

I like to use a "low impact" scouting type style!Inotherwords use more of your ears and eyes than legs,particularly if you are sure birds inhabit the area already!Human intrusion period,wether it be using a call or blundering into the birds accidentally can make your birds spooky!I do more listening early morning than anything else!You can track a birds movements by using your ears instead of putting pressure on him by walking and following!Usually early season scouting your not dealing with one bird but a flock so your chances of being seen increase greatly!Bino's looking over fields,pastures,ridges are a great asset here!When I do move its usually midday when activity from the birds is a minimum,and then its a matter of reading sign looking for tracks,feathers,droppings,strutmarks,etc!Roadways, trails,creeks,ponds,field edges,mud puddles,are all places turkeys leave tracks and I never pass up without looking!If I've found a roostsite,I check it out during midday and from there after listening to the birds fly-out and calculating the gobbling activity that morning determine which direction they normally leave the roost!It may take a few scouting trips to figure it all out but this is how you come to know your land and determine a definate pattern to your birds WITHOUT disturbing there normal daily activities!Good luck......Bob
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