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the shot.......

Old 05-10-2004, 10:36 PM
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Default the shot.......

do you guys remeber anything from your hunts youve shot turkeys? last year i called mine in.....he sounded off 100yds down over the hill triple gobbled to find the hen he heard earlier.....i answerd he went nuts....got hte gun up i knew he came a good 400yards(path he took was a long one and i heard him at day break) so i knew hed come the rest of the way....he popped up over the hill and kept coming....got to an open path didnt see a hen and started to walk to the left.....next thing i know the gun went off and hes flopping on the ground....i remember the bead being to the left of him....20 yards away he was.....i think he walked into the shot....i was about a foot off...so the edge of the pattern would probably just missed him if he didnt keep walking...but i dont remember taking the saftey off or pulling the trigger.....this year they flew down off the roost 40yards infront of me.....just over the hill i couldnt see them....5 mins later he popped up......i dont really remember anything and this was less then a week ago...i know i let my gun down a bit because that 5 mins felt like an hour....shaking and barely breathing....i know my arm got tired and i let it sag a bit.....just to the right and below where i thought theyd come from....well i seen him and saw the beard flopping....knew he wasnt a jake and i decided to take him....next thing i know hes putting and getting nervous and then BOOM! hes blown backwards from the shot and rolled over twice down the steep hill.....i guess he putted and got nervous because he seen me move...but i dont remember moving..but i had to to get the gun on him.....and remember his neck being like an S and i put the bead right at the base of his head before the gun went off....but i dont know when i took the saftey off and dont recall squeezing the trigger.....im one of the safest guys i know.....saftey is on till im on target and about to shoot.....so i know it WAS on.....do i just not remember because i dont think about it and just do it when the time comes then the adrenaline rush and everything just whipes my mind blank or what?? my gun throws an EXCELLENT pattern....i know if i dont learn to control this im going to start missing sooner or later.....what do you guys do? do you think it out in your head? ok take the saftey off....put the bead at the base of his head(or wherever you aim) and squeeze the trigger......i think thats what i have to start doing to control myself......what do you guys think?? i remember taking the saftey off every deer ive killed.....putting the crosshairs right where they need to be and squeezing the trigger....but i have more time and can think about what im doing.....and deer just seem to appear and turkeys let you know they are coming so your pumped for soooo long before the shot....what do you guys think?? do oyu guys remember everything??? just wondering.....
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Default RE: the shot.......

awesome hunt you had....i remember every hunt in detail and if i forget , i have them saved in my turkey journal so all i have to do is bring that up and relive it...how do you control it ? lol...like there is any way that is possible.....i shake like a leaf as soon as i know it's begun and i stop long enough to take that shot, i just tell myself, ok,lets do this right, God bless and Boom......then the shakes really take over, lol......
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Default RE: the shot.......

mauser, I know what you are referring to. I remember everything about my hunts where I have taken birds up to the "moment of truth". There have been numerous occassions on both deer and turkeys that this has happened to me. I am also a very safe hunter and there are a lot of times I don't remember taking my gun off safe and the memory of squeezing the trigger is a blur. I don't remember any felt recoil, but that's when I start picking back up on the memory of the hunt. I also find this to be strange. I don't know if it occurs this way due to the adrenaline or what. I'm sure that has something to do with it. I am a person who is extremely familiar with all of my guns and when they are in my hands, they become an extention of my body. I find that to be interesting as well. I can be blind folded and swap guns and just by the feel, I'll know how the action operates and the location of the safety. This also may have something to do with not remembering when the safety was taken off.
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Default RE: the shot.......

I know where you are coming from. I shot my first bird this year and my dad says I flipped up the bottom of the blind and took off out to him. I remember shooting and the next thing I recall is being 1/2 way from the blind to the bird. I told him thanks for lifting up the blind and he said, "I didn't. You did!!"
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Default RE: the shot.......

lol glad im not the only one......maybe im doing it all right and just forget....its like my mind is blank for howver long it took me to pull up on the bird and crack one off......i do remember racking another shell in and heard the gun go off...never felt it go off but it did lol.......guess maybe theres nothing to worry about since i killed 2 like that.......and im the same way with my guns......i dont really think about taking the saftey off.....it happens right before the trigger is pulled......guess i got that from snap shooting small game......i just got used to finding them safteys quickly without thinking about it......kinda neat how our mind works......its gota be from that major adrenaline rush....this year i remember grabbing my call and my empty and running to the bird......i cant leave the call there and HAVE to have the empty for the mounts i do....so i pick them up second nature.....id definently loose my calls if i left them there......i can go back now and find the tree i was at.....but that morning it would took a while.....i hope my pics arent blurry from me shaking as i took pics....some were last year......and last year my tag is all chicken scratch from me shaking so badly trying to fill it out.......man its an awesome feeling after the shot.....before it when you know hes coming is bad enough......when i heard them off the roost i got that feeling like he was the one this year and my knees started to rattle and go crazy.....my heart was pounding the whole time they were on the roost.....75yds infront of me going nuts......then they flew down and dissappeared......i didnt know where they went or if they were coming......but i got that feeling and couldnt breath and was trembling......man what a rush........people that abuse drugs to get a rush must never been turkey hunting!!!!!!!
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Default RE: the shot.......

I am totally the same way...
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Default RE: the shot.......

I've only hunted for three years but I remember most of the details pretty well. I remember where the bird or deer was and of course I remember the excitement. How can you forget? I also make sure the safety is on until it is time to pull the trigger. I remember to take it off because of my frst year when I had four gobblers come at me across a field (they were running a race to me) and I forgot to take the safety off. I was busted the same time I went to take the safety off. But I sure do remember the details.
Just today I was out taking photos with my camera and I heard a gobbler - my heart just about busted out of my chest. It got my adreniline pumping. Since I can't hunt I finally convinced my hubby to give it a try. We'll see if we can get that gobbler in the morning.......
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Default RE: the shot.......


Try this... take a split second to think about something else. Like the score of a ball game the night before, your boss' face, the workings of a harmonic drive, anything other than hunting. It's hard at first but it really helps you get back into focus. Kinda like panning back when the picture gets blury on a camera. Don't take too long doing this or you'll miss anyway.
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Default RE: the shot.......

i dont know, i never had a shot on a turkey....[][:@]
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