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Turkey Hunting Whether it's spring or fall doesn't matter to this bunch. Great tips on calling, bustin flocks, using blinds and more.

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Default Purr with a diaphram call

I consider myself an above average turkey caller, but have never been able to purr with a diaphram. Any tips on how to or some diaphram choices to use?

I was watching this pro caller on tv the other day and it was unreal what he was doing. He was even gobbling with a diaphram... It was crazy cool


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Default RE: Purr with a diaphram call

Well there's two mouth purrs. One with your lips and one in the rear of your throat. If you heard a pro he was doing the later. I'm sure that's the one you want to learn. This sounds crazy but start without a call in your mouth and learn to roll your tongue in the back of your throat while you pass air over the top of your tongue with your diaphram. You can actually do a real good workable purr just doing this. Once you have the mechanic's down put your call in and give it a go. Keep at it-like anything that's a little tough it comes with practice. I like to purr on a split v 3 which I make myself so I really can't help you with commercial calls. Others know a lot more about them than I do. Once you get the sound down it'll come easy to you and you'll be adding all those little clucks and putts to really add some realism.


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Default RE: Purr with a diaphram call

I have had this discussion with others and have been told some people can and some can't... I'm not too sure. Others more experienced on the board can add to that.

I can do it with a lowerpitch and more aggressive tone. You have toexhale/blow outward with a "tremble" or "purring sound"near the top of your mouth, where the air will flow. If you can make this sound you can then practice with the call. I place mine in and press my tongue gently against the roof of my mouth and teeth.Exhale quickly, as you go you can speed up and slow down, also changing the pressure on the call.

I use the Primos double reed calls, they make great noise for me.
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Default RE: Purr with a diaphram call

I found the easiest way to purr is to simply roll your tongue lightly. If you can do this, then you just have to spend some time practicing in order refine your calling. If you can learn to purr though, it should really increase your success.The last several years I started using purrs to call, and have called in more turkeys than any other type of calling. It works especially well when a gobbler is hung up just out of range. Good luck
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Default RE: Purr with a diaphram call

Its a PITA, and I still cannot do a really good hen purr with the call... I can put the call in my cheek and do it great straight up.... but the fact I can't do it with the call has always bugged me. Using the call, I can do a hell of a good fighting purr.... at least it works anyway.

Gobbles just take a lot of practice. I can honestly do a competition quality gobble on a mouth call. I went to a military college and acted like I was in a civilan school. I sat a lot of confinements, and had countless hours to sit and contemplate how to do it. Thats how I learned it. Thuckah-thuckah-thuckah-thuckah-thuckah...... God gave me a big pair of catfish lips to flutter and taper off at the end.... works well.

I jsut need to sit down and figure out the purr....
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Default RE: Purr with a diaphram call

Well the method I use is to roll my tongue.. I can actually do a mouth purr without a call and it sounds pretty good.. If I throw in a diaphragm I can do the same.. simply roll my tongue and allow a minute amount of air to pass through and it sounds like a good purr.. Using the back of your throat is tough to do, and trying to control your lips properly is tough for me too..
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Default RE: Purr with a diaphram call

I keep my tongue in the same postion on the reeds asI would when I'm yelping. I simply just flutter my throat while expelling air across the reeds. If you want a higher pitch purr you simply add more tongue pressure just like you would with any other sound you are trying to make.
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Default RE: Purr with a diaphram call

The first thing you need to do is get the right call. I use the Primos Diamond series calls, they're on sale right now on their website actually. They all are very thin multi-reed calls, so they purr with ease. The brown one, Diamond Yelper, purrs like you wouldn't believe, and will still yelp and cut if you want it to. It's a great call. The easiest way to purr and make it sound good is to flutter your tongue. Do this to start and get the feel for it.......Keep the call in the same spot, making sure you tuck it to the roof of your mouth as tight as it will go with the most perfect fit possible. You might have to trim it a little. Once you got it jammed up there really tight, put a lot of tongue pressure on it, then roll your tongue and push air out as hard and fast as you can until you get a loud rolling purr sound. You don't want it that loud and nasty in the woods of course, so once you've done that, just play with it and tone it down to where it should be in the woods. Make sure to change the pitch up with different tongue pressure to make it sound more realistic. I've always heard people say flutter your throat, how exactly can one flutter their throat without a throat-full of spit? The first thing I did when I tried to flutter my throat is start choking. I think they mean flutter your tongue, it's very simple. You can also flutter your lips but you really can't control the pitch as well as when doing it with your tongue, and when you flutter your lips it sounds the same without a call in your mouth, pretty much. Practice practice practice, and listen to sound clips and try to mimic them. Good luck.
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