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Default defeathering?

Is there any other ways to defeather a turkey besides using hot water and hand plucking?
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Default RE: defeathering?

I just hand pluck mine whyle they are still warm. If you do it right after they are shot and still warm its very easy to pluck them.
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Default RE: defeathering?

I don't pluck them I just skin them it's a whole lot easier.,Just a Idea.
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Default RE: defeathering?

I skin as well. I don't even gut the bird anymore, I just make and incision and put my fingers under the skin and pull it away from the breast, then I breast it out... Feathering is way too much work for not alot of meat if any at all.
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Default RE: defeathering?

You could always get a poltury or chicken plucker....i wouldnt though. They are expensive and the number of turkeys you are going to be plucking wouldnt justify buying one.
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Default RE: defeathering?

Boiling water works great. I have done it a couple of times, and the feathers literally fall right out.
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Default RE: defeathering?

ORIGINAL: kingvjack

I skin as well. I don't even gut the bird anymore, I just make and incision and put my fingers under the skin and pull it away from the breast, then I breast it out... Feathering is way too much work for not alot of meat if any at all.
I agree, I've never plucked one in my life. Skinning is a lot easier and a lot less messy.
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Default RE: defeathering?

I do the same as King. I just breast them out without gutting. Try this the next time you get one. Breast them and then cut the meat into strips about 2" wide by 6-8 inches long. It helps if the meat is about 1" thick or less. Roll up a hot pepper section in the meat, and then roll the other way a piece of thick smoked bacon over the turkey and put a toothpick in it to hold together and cook on the grill. Goes great with beer.
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Default RE: defeathering?

Feathered one......once.For a deep fry.

Now I breast out and cut it into bites or trips...roll in seasoned flour and fry up.

Try these too. Works with veni, duck breast, turkey...whatever.

* 1/2 to 1 cup each of dark beer, Sweet Baby Ray's (or other BBQ), and soy sauce...in equal thirds.

Pour over meat strips or chunks cut no bigger than 3" x 2", and marinate all day or overnight.

Wrap a full piece of uncooked bacon around each piece and hold with skewers or toothpicks.

Grill until bacon is crispy.....Good with beer, too. What are the odds?

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Default RE: defeathering?

I think I have done 2 in my lifetime. Boiling water outside. They clean up pretty easy. Any more though I agree with the rest.... skin them out if you want the whole bird. Or just slice the breast skin, skin them downandcut out the meat you want. Never had a wild bird, that the dark meat was tender, unless you stew it.
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