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Grand slam

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Default Grand slam

How many have completed a grand slam in turkey hunting? Approximately how much would a grand slam set me back. Did ya use outfitters or go at it on public land or private land. I tossing it around about trying to attempt a grand slam next year... Arrowmaster
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Default RE: Grand slam

AM , A grandslam is getting more costly every year. For hunters that target a little harder competion and do it in a self inexpencive way such as public land and private the gas of travel and licence fee's are going up all the time.

Can you do it on a low cost budget, Yes it can be done with the right home work and hitting the right places you can complete it at a much low level then someone that takes the route of Outfitters. Where the problem lies is when you target the Osceola. This birdhas became a comercialized part of the slam. There are a number of places in Florida that one can try the quest, but the pear presure that public land has on this bird has turned dreams into a somewhat down fall if you don't have success. Florida is a place that if you are going to hunt it, make sure you hunt the birds far enough south that there is no question that you are taking a True osceola.

It really depends on what kind of money a hunter wants to put into it and how badly you want to be part of the names that have done it.

Do your home work and study the areas you intend to hunt. Look at population size in an area and what kind of lands are available to hunt. Places to stay and costs of lodging and food is another point that needs to be concidered. If you go Public , then have some sort of backup maybe in a cheep outfitter's direction just incase, you don't want to travel back again at some point just to get the Sub you are after.

By planning this with a budy, you will cut costs by the 50% range, but also take into concideration that time maybe a factor because your not shooting one bird and heading out on the road, your there to take a bird a peice.

Lots of hunters take the easy route and go with Outfitters but by adding a couple days to a trip and spending time knocking on doors can change the expences in a great impact.

Over the years it has got harder and harder to find places to hunt, but if I was to plan a quest for a grandslam I would only bank on spending money in the state of Florida.

Now thats a place that I have info on that could help in a great way when it comes to the money factor.

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Default RE: Grand slam

Good info BT. I have a follow up question for you or anyone. I can see the idea of going a long way to kill and bird and not being successful would be very dissappointing. No doubt if you had to make a couple trips or spend many days the outfitter route could end up actually being cheaper.

The question I have is in regards to the kill itself. If you've killed a few gobblers and want to expand to the slam,there could be the desireto "do-it-yourself" hunts for the accomplishment of killing the birds by your effort. Do you have hunts as a guide where the client is leading the way in setups, calling, decisions etc?

I wonder if there is ranges of involvment depending on the hunters level of experience. As you know the scouting is soooo much of the hunt and I guess I see this as the piece of the puzzle all hunters would need to get from the guide. From there you could have some who are happy to follow along, sit down, an shoot when told but is there others who get right in there and lead the way?

I am guessing this is another reason why so many ask of "unguided" hunts. It might seem like the cost but when you have to find your own lodging, pay for your food, buy your own tags and licences the cost of unguided is rising as you mentioned. I have experienced this year a couple of hunters I know who were extremely excited by thier kills because although it wasn't thier first bird, it was the first bird they killed on thier own.

It seems there is something to be said for that so do outiftters try and work those experiences out with a client?

Oh ya, about the first question. Mr Modesty failed to mention his Grand Slam success For those who don't know the info from BT is based on mutliple Grand Slams and the first Canadian to accomplish the feat.
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Default RE: Grand slam

OE , thats a good question on the persective that you have never had any understanding of Guide and Outfitters.

To start there is a difference between Guides and Outfitters.

1/ The Outfitter owns the buisness.
2/ Guides work for the Outfitter.
3/ Some places are Outfitter/Guides. If they own and operate at the same time.

Some of the Outfitters offer self Guided hunts. This includes only maybe lodging and meals and your off to make the hunt what you want.

Semi Guides is more of a 2 people guided hunt.

Guided hunt is one on one.

It really depends on the insurance the outfitter has , as to whether or not they offer Self Guided hunts. The self Guided Is your on your own and mostly relates to more of a tresspass fee. Most outfitters will point you in the right direction.

Any good outfitter should offer referances and be up front on any info asked.I have helped a number of people out with grandslam competions and as well their grandslams. I do not gain anything by missleading anyone when it comes to Outfitters or Guiding, hunting.

This past season in Florida , I heard of some down right dirty dealing with Outfitters and turkey hunters.

This is something "I do not like" as I at one time was just like some of these people on the board and wanted to do some of the things they wanted. I did not like getting burned , and I will say I never did once really.being straight out with people is the way I am.I have talked with the outfitter I work with in Florida and we have decided to offer Self Guided hunts. This is great , but not knowing the land can slow a person from taking a bird on a fast pace hunt. Being in the woods all the time helps me target birds that I see day in and day out that can change a slow hunt into a little faster.

Hope that helps answer some of the qestions that people have...BT
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Default RE: Grand slam

I agree that the Florida hunts are expensive. But If I decide to try for a grand slam and have to spend some money then so be it. Dont get me wrong, Im not made of money but it would be a once in a lifetime hunt. So being cheap isnt how I do things.
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