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Want to start traditional hunting

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Want to start traditional hunting

Old 11-17-2004, 02:09 PM
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Default Want to start traditional hunting

Hello all,

I am very interesed in starting traditional hunting next season. What would be the best steps to choosing the right bow? (recuve, Lonbow) I am very very excited about getting going. Oh yeah I think that I dealy I would like to stalk hunt. Not sure what type of differnce that makes.


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Old 11-17-2004, 02:20 PM
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Default RE: Want to start traditional hunting

You allready took the first step by deciding you want to do it. The recurve versus longbow thing is mostly personal preference. Both can be accurate fast and forgiving or both can be slow unforgiving dogs LOL. If you can find a traditional shoot in your area ( not always easy ) the best thing would be to go and check out as many bows as you can. To start off the worst thing you can do is by a bow that is to heavy for you. If you shoot a compound try a trad bow that is around 10 pounds lighter. It takes ALOT of practice to shoot traditional consistently. Check out as many as you can and buy the one that feels best. Start off with a lower poundage to get the basics down. Alot of good bows can be had at reasonable prices once you figure out what you like on the trading sites or even ebay. Just keep it fun! Wow I never write that much to say so little. sorry about that[8D]
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Old 11-17-2004, 02:42 PM
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Default RE: Want to start traditional hunting

Welcome to the trad side of the house! Troy summed it up pretty well! If your a compound convert like alot folks are you might find that starting with a recurve might be easier. Mainly because the grip is more similiar to a compound and its centershot. 40-45# is a good starting draw weight, it will allow you to get your form established before getting into heavier hunting weights.

Recurve vs. Longbow both have their advantages and disadvantages. I like a recurve at certain times over a longbow. Its generally shorter and easier for me to handle from a treestand and groundblind. A longbow doesn't collect as much trash in the string while stalking for me so I prefer it for that purpose although both can be used for either style of hunting. It gets down to personal preferences, I like both.

The trad world is about as wide as the compound side theres something for everyones interests. From glass bows, to selfbows, and going primative. Have fun!!!!!
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Old 11-25-2004, 09:50 AM
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Default RE: Want to start traditional hunting

I agree! Shooting a traditional bow is just SO much more fun! Its SO simple, its scary! Its fun to shoot and challenge yourself on shooting better, and better...its just plain fun! No sights, no fancy rests, no peeps, no cable guards, the bow is much lighter, no bolts to loosen up, etc.

I have a beautiful Browning Mirage that fast as a water-soaked cat! But I an eBaying it because I just love to shoot traditional. My goal now is to harvest a deer traditional - as I have never done so. Sure, I know its going to require more dedication, more practice, and I am limiting myself to shorter shots - but that’s OK! Because its the 'style' in which I take the deer that now matters.

Ever notice going out and shooting a compound bow is purely 'mechanical? You nock the arrow, draw, align the peep with the sight pin, and shoot. Its robotic. For me that’s not 'fun' any longer. Whats fun is challenging yourself each session, striving for improvement. Some days you just can't miss and other days you can't do anything right. That’s the fun of traditional. Dedication. No easy way to success, no fast-track, no shortcuts. Pure skill. Your gonna love it.

My fondest memories are of shooting my recurve in my yard at my bales of hay! And concentration. Pure fun!

Also, as others have said - be sure you start out around 40-45# on a longbow or recurve. Its 'different' than a compound. After 6 or more shots you'll understand why. QUALITY is more important in shooting traditional than quality. Sure, with a compound you may be able to shoot 200 arrows. Quality is your goal with traditional. Your now working on FORM more than QUANITY. My friend killed his first deer with a Kodiak Hunter of 40#. Had a complete pass thru his first deer at about 20 yds. He is an adult as well - about 180 lb man. 40# was enough to do the trick. Now that’s not saying that someday you may not be able to shoot 50# - or more. All in due time...don't worry about that now.

What your gonna love is - short of the bowstring getting cut or breaking or the bow breaking in half - virtually NOTHING (bow related) can ruin a hunt. Keep a spare bowstring on hand all set up with silencers and a nock set on it. I don't know HOW many times a hunt got ruined on me because my compound bow 'sprung apart' due to a broken string, a screw same undone and fell off of 'something' - etc.

Simplicity IS better - and wood bows are beautiful expressions of wood.

Just have fun!
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Old 11-25-2004, 10:00 AM
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Default RE: Want to start traditional hunting

I'll chime in here also, pretty much what everyone else is saying, shoot some different bows, and start out light, I shot 45 and 50 # when I started, and now shoot a 60 pound longbow.
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Old 11-25-2004, 05:09 PM
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Default RE: Want to start traditional hunting

Yup - I started with a 45# and currently shoot 50#. I found 55# to be a bit heavy for me and I couldn't shoot as long as I liked practicing. Its not the worst thing in the world if you buy a bow on eBay for $100-150 and find 6 mos later you want a bow 5# heavier.
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