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Bare Shaft Tuning

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Default Bare Shaft Tuning

Holy cow, I think I saw the light yesterday.

I have a longbow that shoots well. It shoots well with 2018's with 150gr point, and 2016 with 125gr point. Very dynamic bow. I bare shaft it in my garage at 3 yards and at 15 yards, and shoots a bare shaft great, so I figured I could use that same procedure at 3 yards with any bow and come out with the same great results at 15 yards. Espeically since my longbow is faster than my recurve. WRONG

Ok, I have a recurve, 50lb dreamcatcher.A hair slower than my longbow, so I figured I needed the same spine or less than my longbow. I have been fighting with this thing since day one for months. Adding material to the shelf, taking it away. Paper tuning, moving nock up and down a hundred times. Different string material. Tried 2016's and 2018's with 100gr tips to 250gr tips all close up at 3-4yards in my garage. Bad, bad, bareshaft fight. I was about ready to get rid of it.

But went out my yard and spent a few hours with it. At 15 yards bareshaft tuning told me all my 2016's and 2018's were way too weak spined. totally different than in the garage. Wow, I thought. I found some 2117, 2216, and 2219 shafts. I tore off the fletch and went to work. At 15 yards, 2117 with 100gr and 125gr tip showed weak spine. But 2219 showed stiff, put a 200gr head on it, and bam, its shooting like darts. Didn't give 2216 much time. But I might this week. Not sure if I want to buy 200gr broadheads.

So all I can figure is I was not giving the arrow enough time to come out of paradox which gave false indicators. But it worked great on my longbow, cause maybe my centershot is more centered??? I don't know.

But who would have thought a slower recurve would have needed that much more spine than a longbow? I mean 2219 and 2016 is a big difference.
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Default RE: Bare Shaft Tuning

I would have to say that 3 yard bareshafting is not enough distance for any bow. A 2020 should be good for your recurve.
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Default RE: Bare Shaft Tuning

Wish I had a 2020 to try out. My tips don't fit my 22XX very well.
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Default RE: Bare Shaft Tuning

I got rid of all that tunning aluminum by switching to carbon #500, that should be good for your recurve and longbow, fletched with 4 " feathers not plastic vanes..
Of course I still use my Cedar arrows as well.
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Default RE: Bare Shaft Tuning

I have tried .5" spined arrows, and bareshafting showed way too weak. Wouldn't 400 carbons be better
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Default RE: Bare Shaft Tuning

OL Adcock gave me some advise on tradgang. He told me no way I am seeing what I am seeing. So as usual your right OL. I am not sure how I came to my conclusions I did on Sunday. Some days I want to just throw up my arms. Maybe fatigue from shooting well over 200 arrows that day?

Here's where I have been
For a long time, 2018's and 2016's have shown stiff reactions with dacron strings but I couldn't go below 8.5" BH.

Just got a 452+ string from Chad, and started at 7" BH, with no silencers. My 2018's and 2016's showed very weak reaction with 125 and 100gr points. So weak, I couldn't hit a target 15 yards out. So I tried 2219's and got decent flight with 250gr point. Still showing a tad stiff. Ok, so I figured, I finally found a good spine. So that night I put on some cat whiskers cause it was loud that day, and moved my BH to 8" to quieten it down. Ok, so now I show slight stiff reaction from 2216 and 2219 with all points from 100gr to 250gr. AFter putting a 125gr Magnus Broadhead on, my slight stiff reaction now would make me hit 8" to the left at 15 yards.

So this mornign went back to 2018's with 125gr point, and everything if flying great? I show a very slight weak reaction. Magnus are hitting slightly to the right of field points. Thinking of taking off 1/2" and see what happens.

So I don't know what happened or How I thought 2219's were good, maybe adding cat whiskers, maybe 7" BH to 8", maybe I was fatigued with sloppy release on Sunday. But all is right with the bow world again.

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