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Default High Country Bows?

Does anyone know anything about High Country Bows? I was considering either buying a Switchback or Patriot, but I stopped in a shop that had a High Country TSSR , I belive that was the model, anyway, they had that bow shooting 355 fps at 65lbs. I know the arrow was light, maybe 5grains, but wouldnt that speed make up for the lost energy due to the light arrow? The bow seemed quiet and easy to draw, but I never hear anything about this company. Any advice would be appreciated.
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Default RE: High Country Bows?

I've had a couple guys come into my shop with them. I'm not all that impressed with the speed. The tests you saw were not shooting 5gr/lb. More like 2.5 to 3 gr/lb. The one guy is all hopped up over the bow because it shoots 318fps. This out of a bow at 29.5" draw and 60# shooting a 245gr arrow. You do the math.

Without busting his pride I can say that my SlayR, at 27" draw and 53# is shooting a 265gr arrow (IBO legal) at 299fps. At 27.5" draw it does 308fps. So let's assume for a minute that if I extended the draw on my bow 2" to 29.5". This would gain me about 24fps. This would boost things up to 332fps. Then knock 20 grains off my arrow to be like his and I get another 4-5fps. Now we're talking 337fps. Ok, now we'll bump the weight up on mine to coincide with 60#. 7 # more will net about 14fps. Gee, my bow is now shooting about 350fps. Do you see where this is going?

The HCA shot at the same specs as most other bows is no faster than others. What the difference is is that HCA will warrant the bow if you shoot such specs and blow the bow up. And a few have blown up. I've seen it. And if you or someone nearby gets hurt who is going to be responsible?

They are light in mass weight. Too light for my tastes, but that's me. I'm not saying they aren't decent bows. Just don't rad too much into advertising without realizing how the results came about.
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Default RE: High Country Bows?

I would stick with a switchback or a bowtech you can't beat the customer service and they stand behind there product 100%.

mathews switchback XT
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Default RE: High Country Bows?

They aren't as fast as you think. Shoot that same arrow out of my Alliegance and you would see what I mean
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Default RE: High Country Bows?

I would stick with the standards set by AMO or IBO thats where you would see the tru specs we would expect from the manufactures.

like what Techy said about his bow.....................I wonder????????hmm...

I also have an Allegiance.....hmm........I wonder??????

nope....not me......I would'nt try that......but.....I still wonder?????
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Default RE: High Country Bows?

Had a customer buy one of these from our local Deer and Turkey expo from the guys selling them "factory direct"...

Said that it was shooting 340fps when he left the show.. but he turned the poundage down a little bit. He brought it in and did a little shooting. The bow was a carbon model w/ the whole HCA kit compled w/ knock off trophy taker, knock off trophy ridge, ect... It was definately light and pretty quiet.. not a bad hunting bow I thought..

he was shooting 45/60 terminators at 58# and wanted to see what it'd shoot through the chrono... 218fps... then I let him shoot one of my 305 gr arrows through the chrono at 240fps... impressive indeed. Not to mention my Pro40 dually shoots these arrows through the chrono at 290 set at 50#... and 314fps at 60#
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Default High country bows

High country bows are high in price and
Low in quality. I shoot the PSE Bowmadness
XS. Very similar in shooting to the Mathews
Z7. Much cheaper though.
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I have no complaints about HCA. I owned 2 of them and shot them alot. I've since switched to Martin and have never looked back. Their CS is second to none.
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