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Diamond Outlaw real world speed testing.

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Diamond Outlaw real world speed testing.

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Default Diamond Outlaw real world speed testing.

So i went today and had some tuning done on my 2012 diamond outlaw with the throttle cam, needless to say I'm more than impressed with the bow rite off the shelf. specs below.

2012 diamond by Bow Tech
Axle to Axle 32''
Draw length 29.5'
Factory claimed IBO SPEED of 330FPS
QAD HUNTER drop away rest.
factory draw weight set at 72lbs on 2 different scales.
Arrows: Beman ICS Bow Hunter 400's 8.4 GPI. WITH 100GR field tips with an overall length of 30'' and 405GR total weight.

SPEED OUT OF BOX 304FPS with no variance over 6 shots. dropped to a 85GR field tip and shot 310FPS with no variance.
KE 83.13 FT LBS at I believe he said 60yds but don't hold me to it.

the bow tech tuning my bow said He could safely make it a little faster. In doing so he served the timing cable on the drop away which had no effect on the speed what so ever proven by multiple shots through the chronograph, then dropped the draw weight to a dead nuts 65LBS on 2 scales, and fletched some new arrows.

His arrows of choice were Victory V-FORCE HV'S v6 recommended draw weight 60-75LBS. WELL WITHIN MY DRAW WEIGHT OF 65LBS.
Arrow length 30 1/2''
weight 292.1GR with 85GR field tip
Speed 349FPS with no variance over 6 shots!!. I was skeptical so I knocked up the same set of arrows we used in the first run (the Beman's) and shot 299fps (remember we drooped the draw weight from 72 to 65lbs)

To me that was pushing the limits and I hunt with a 100gr mechanical so we changed the tips to 100GR field tips and did some more shooting.

Final results.

Victory V-FORCE HV'S v6's with 100GR field tips
weight 307.1GR
Speed 330 with no variance over 6 shots
KE 73.6FT LBS at I Believe he said 60YDS.

No testing was done with the Victory arrows at 72LB draw weight but I would imagine it would have been pushing 350fps!

Needless to say if you have your equipment set up rite and take the time to choose/test arrows you can achieve the factory listed IBO in most cases.

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Tiny, the speed they told you your bow is now getting I find really hard to believe.

IBO official speed ratings =

70lbs draw weight
30" draw length
"STRIPPED" meaning no sights, no peep, string grubbs...ect.

Once you start adding everything to the bow you need your speed drops considerably. Dropping 5lbs in draw weight alone would knock it down 20 fps. I think adding the sights drops it 6-7lbs. The peep & kisser button knocks it down another 2-3 fps. And then depending on the arrow / tip combination that knocks it down some more. Those arrows your shooting "405 grs." IMHO, could be too heavy for your set up.

You look at my XLR8.....it is IBO rated for 360+ fps and I'm not getting that but it is still respectable. Sorry not trying to be a bummer but that's just how it is.

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I did all the shooting, its not what he told me.. the only thing I was un sure of was the KE energy and the yardage..

my buddy who also shoots a hot rod bow (PSE OMAN) about pissed him self when I told him. Much like you he was in dis belief and had to see it with his own eyes.

I will edit my first post as the arrow weight on the victory is listed wrong. I'm looking at the sheet I used to take notes and the arrow weight was 307.1GR,,, My mistake!

I can see if the guy who tuned my bow will let me take a small video of the stated facts sometime this week.
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