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40 yard shot

Old 02-07-2004, 06:32 AM
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Default RE: 40 yard shot

2)"If I dont find it ,it is meat for predator"..

I beleive the word is scavenger.

I have been impressed with some of the answers but here are somemore things to concider when shooting. It's true deer will here the bow less the farther away they are from the shot. Other factors can help mask any shot. Early season, September and October the leaves and acorns are falling. Deer don't notice a bow being shot our thier buddy near them get hit with an arrow. Often times they will just go back to feeding.

To answer Swamp Dawg's response, I have shot deer with in ten yards and out at 40 yds and sometimes you don't get a blood trail. It happens. The arrow hits a bone and the deer bleed internally. When this happens you must follow the tracks. This can be very difficult when your hunting in over populated areas. Fresh tracks on fresh tracks, which one was your deer? In West Virgina it was fairly easy we tracked for about 1.5 miles by tracks very little blood was found until the end. If this happens to you, go and get the family dog. They can be a big help when the deer has crawled up tight in the brush.
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Default RE: 40 yard shot

Here in my state it is illegal to use a dog to retrieve your wounded/non wounded deer! But you as a bowhunter, if you hit a deer should always give a 110% in trying to find a wounded/hit deer. Just because there are alot of deer does'nt give you the right to or an excuse to not give your all in trying to find that animal. You made the decision to take his life and it is your obligation as a bowhunter to make every effort in finding that deer.
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Default RE: 40 yard shot

Amen, robinhood36
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Default RE: 40 yard shot

Oneidaeagle,I apologise for the meat for predator,it is not from you.Everyone can make a bad shot,I did once .I shot a fat doe at 30 yards sun was on horizon,I did not see a twig in my shooting lane ,I aim to a spot behind the shoulder but I hit it in the ass.Itime was 6.45pm I recover the doe at 1.00am .So since that time I prefer to pass when it is over25 yards.If you love animal and hunting,like I do,one day you will understandthat far shot can be full of surprise.
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Default RE: 40 yard shot


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Default RE: 40 yard shot

Antler Eater said it all.

He is 100% on the money.Deer react more to a close shot than they do to a long shot and more can go wrong with the really close shots.It becomes about skill and cofidence for the longer shots.If you are skilled and conident enough,then take the shot,if you are not,then don't.

Good light and knowing your shooting lanes is also a must.Calm animals and things of that nature are also a must.

Heck,I shot a small doe at 35 yards WALKING and put the arrow right where I squeazed the release.
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Default RE: 40 yard shot

Sorry,double post.Deleted
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Default RE: 40 yard shot

When I bought my new bow, one of my goals was to increase my maximum effective range to 40 yards. I worked hard all spring and summer, often practicing out to 70 yards. My groups were acceptable for hunting at all my practice distances. When I tuned my broadhead tipped arrows, I had nice tight groups at 40 yards and was very confident of my ability at that range and felt I would take a shot at that distance if conditions wer absolutely perfect.

I saw plenty of deer at 40 yards and sometimes conditions were perfect. I never took the shot. The longest shot this year was 32 yards and the deer started walking just as I was pulling the trigger. I could've and should've held off, but didn't and was lucky enough to recover her.

A 40 yard shot is marginal because of what can happen--no matter how good you are at that range.
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Default RE: 40 yard shot

Bob,Sounds like your a good bow tuner,Maybe you can help me out because I don't know much.Good hunting ethics too.
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