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Lining up rest...

Old 12-28-2002, 01:02 AM
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Default Lining up rest...

In my blind faith that my proshop set my bow up right, I didn't even check to make sure everything was lined up properly. Tonight I noticed that if I look at my string from the rear and line it up with my rear stabilizer hole, my Whisker Biscuit is way off to the left. Lined up that way, the string runs right at the right edge of the hole in the biscuit. Can that be right? I thought you started tuning with the rest lined up with the center of the riser, which is where the stabilizer hole is. Is there something I'm missing? Is it possible that the stabilizer hole on a Legacy isn't in the center and shouldn't be used as a reference? <img src=icon_smile_question.gif border=0 align=middle>

Edit: A little more info... I can shoot groups of 2&quot; or better at 20yds with the bow as it is now (first and only session shooting it so far) and I'll be replacing the Whisker Biscuit with a Muzzy ZE after they come out at the end of January, so this isn't exactly the most critical of problems with the Whisker Biscuit. It will be important when I'm mounting the ZE, though.

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Default RE: Lining up rest...

All bows have different center shots, or sweet spots so to speak. Personally I use a center shot gauge to begin with the arrow perfectly in line with the string and parallel to the riser. Center shot gauges are fairly cheap and simple to use as well as very handy to have around.
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Default RE: Lining up rest...

Jason... What I will do is to get the center shot as close as possible, then paper tune it to perfection.. You may be close to start , however paper tuning will show you how close you thought you were...This will tell you alot of things other than your if your center shot is correct or not...

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Default RE: Lining up rest...

Umm.. thanks, I guess. I was hoping for a yes or no answer on the possibility that the rest could be in the right place that far off from the stabilizer hole. Is there anyone with a Legacy or experience with them that can tell me if it's possible? I don't know how to use a center shot gauge, so having one in my hand right now wouldn't help me all that much.
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Default RE: Lining up rest...

I don't shoot mathews bows, but I recall that they recommend a starting position of aroung 13/16&quot; (I think) from the riser to the center of your arrow on the rest.

That being said, You should notice that your string doesn't run exactly center of the riser -- it comes from the side of the bottom cam, so it is a little to the left (right handed bow) of the stabilizer hole.

Another thing is that with a short 34&quot; axle to axle length, the cable roller gaurd is inducing a good bit of inherent torque into the system that increases with the draw cycle -- this tends to put the rest slightly a bit more left. This is also the reason that most people end up with there pins a bit to the left of the string at rest (but if they check them at full draw they will see they are indeed in line).

After all that rambling, if it seems way left, you might want to check it out. I put very little faith in paper tuning as you can easily get superfilous results. I shoot magnocks and can crank my Pro-tuner rest 10 clicks to the left and still get a bullet hole, just like when it is set correctly. Since you have a biscuit rest, powder testing to see which side of the rest is riding heavier can't be done, but you can still do a walk-back check by using the same pin and aim at the same spot and keep walking back and shooting until you run out of room on the target butt -- you should get a straight vertical line with your arrows, if the line progressively goes to one side as you go back, your centershot is probably off. This will get you in the ball park.

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Default RE: Lining up rest...

i have never seen a bow w/a &quot;true&quot; centershot. you can start by lining up the center shot to &quot;true&quot; dead center of your string and wheel aliegnment, but from my experience once you get into paper tuning your centershot will end up slightly outside (away from the riser). that has been my experience on every bow that i have tuned.
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Default RE: Lining up rest...

I went asking around here and finally caught the guy in the Mathews shop to ask. He said all Mathews bows end up right at 13/16&quot; away from the riser, so I pulled out the calipers and set it. I also got a string loop installed while I was there. It might be a couple weeks before I get a chance to paper tune, but at least I have it set good enough that I can sling a few arrows downrange if I get a chance between now and paper tuning time.
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