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Lining up the shot

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Default Lining up the shot

How do you go about lining up your shots?? i pretty much guess and was wondering if you did the same or if you had some sort of system? I consistantly put them in the 8" cicle but want smaller groups.
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Default RE: Lining up the shot

I am just starting out in Trad Instinctive shooting, but have shot compund for 20 + years. I been reading books and asking questions like crazy and what I found work best for me is to start from only about 5' from my bag target. I focus on the smallest spot on the target, draw, release. I did this for probably 300 - 400 shots and At only 5' i was able to get my groups down to about 3" or less, I then went out to 10' and started the same process again till my groups were consistently 4" or less. I just moved out to 15' feet. For me it becomes getting the feel for the right spot and just repeating the same thing over and over and over a couple hundred times, till it just becomes natural. Then I move out farther and do it again.
Each day when I go to shoot. I start out at 5', shoot 5 or 10 and then move out to 10' and then 15'. It will not be to long before I run out of room in my basement, but hopefully It will warm up outside soon and I can head out there.
Again I am new to this and from what I read and the advice I received. This worked best so far for me. Good luck
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Default RE: Lining up the shot

The main thing is to work out an anchor that puts the nock end of the arrow directly under your master eye. That's a given, I guess. Then, as for what I do... Even though I am concentrating on the spot I want to hit, I still see the arrow in my peripheral vision and I use it. I line up the tip with the target. With the tail of the arrow directly under my eye and the tip pointing directly at the target, it has to fly down the middle.

Everything depends on getting a consistent anchor and consistent draw length. Doing everything exactly the same on each shot. When you develop consistency in your form, you'll develop accuracy on the target.

WBowhunt's suggestion is an excellent one, starting close and moving back only when and asyou meet your goals. Before we could run, we all had to start out crawling.

Some guys are like robots and have an insane capability of naturally doing exactly the same on each shot. The rest of us, we mere mortals , have to work at it. And it doesn't come overnight. Just be patient and enjoy the ride.
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Default RE: Lining up the shot

When I first started down the trad road I watched the movie about Howard Hil.( I think it was John Shultz?) I tried to do that every time and all I ever hit was the bottom of the target at our indoor range. then some one showed me the set arm method where you just hold your arm up point it it the direction ya want you arrow to go and I was on target with in the first few shots. it has worked for megood luck
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Default RE: Lining up the shot

I do pretty much the same as Arthur mentioned. Make sure you are lining up that arrow directly below your pupil. It's supper important. Do whatever you have to with your anchor to get it there. I personally like to anchor my middle finger just under my cheekbone, with my index finger on the cheekbone. The corner of my mouth did not work well for me. As long as you are consistant and it feels confortable, find your own anchor. When the back of the arrow is under your pupil, then line up the front with the target and let it go. I also use my peripheral vision to see the arrow. If I actually look at the arrow, I have to let up.

At first, you may actually want to measure the "gap" at different differences. Put a small target up at the bottom of your full target, line up the end of the arrow directly on the small target and let it go. Measure the difference between the Point of aim and where the arrow hits. For me, it is about 20" at about 15 yards. Use this as a reference.
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