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peep dilema!!

Old 03-21-2006, 07:28 PM
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Default peep dilema!!

I've been shooting a High Country Safari for 15 years without a peep, this year I decide to buy a '06 Bowtech Tomkat. The thing is that the High Country is about 42" axle to axle and the Tomkat is about 32" axle to axle.
I've tried to shoot the Tomkat without a peep, but with it being 10" shorter; I'm having problems anchoring at the same point everytime due to the extreme string angle with a short bow. This is a 2 part question.... who shoots peeps and non peeps, and if you do shoot peeps; what kind of peep do you shoot. I do know I don't like the tupe peeps or small peeps that don't let enough light through... which is why I didn't use them for so long.
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Default RE: peep dilema!!

may sound crazy but use a hunting (1/4") peep for everything... as loong as you center it each shot it is very accurate. it is also great for letting the light in
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Default RE: peep dilema!!

what do you mean by a hunting 1/4" peep?? What brand name?

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Default RE: peep dilema!!

mharris, you could try a no-peep made by timberline. it's a device that mounts above or below your sight. basicly you line a dot inside of a circle. and if your not anchored the same as you should be-the dot will be to one side of the circle or the other, or up or down, however your tourquing your bow. however it doesen't impeded your vision. I think thier web is
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Default RE: peep dilema!!

Answering your last question about peeps, two come to mind. Fletcher and Specialty.

Fletcher makes a 1/4" hunter peep that I use on my hunting bow.

Specialty makes two that are worth a look. The first is the Superball that accepts different size inserts from 1/32 tp 7/64" or if you want the biggest hole then it's 3/16" with no insert. There is also a hooded version.
The second is their Super Hunter Peep. It's a whopping 5/16" without an insert, but does accept inserts down to 1/32". The possible downside to this one is that it has a tube aligner. It's real easy to get around if you don't want a tube, Just cut the tube connector off--it's only plastic. I cut it and filed it nice and flat.

Either of the Specialties also accept Clarifier lenses for clearing up scopes (target shooting) or Verifier lenses for those aging eyes when pin just get so darn blurry and nothing helps.
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Default RE: peep dilema!!

Buy yourself a Fletcher Tru Peep. They are only a few bucks and your Tomcat should have a good enough quality string that it won't move on you. You will need a press to install it properly.
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Default RE: peep dilema!!

Heres what I use Shurz-A-Peep
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Default RE: peep dilema!!

the question was that he didn't shoot with peeps, but with a shorter bow isin't consistent as he was with a longer one. peep diameter has nothing to do with big enough. It's a matter of comfort level. every peep maker has one 3/16 or bigger which is good enough for hunting or target shooting. the no peep offers a complete field of view with consistent anchor shot after shot without looking through a hole in the string. I know plenty of hunters who use them because of low light conditions where you can't see through a peep sight.
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Default RE: peep dilema!!

I really , really like my Jim Fletcher Tru Peep. The one I ordered was called the hunter. Might take a cupple or tries to get it to line up on the string right , but once its on , its so sweet . My old peep would split in 3 and rotate and block my vision. Tru Peep aint havin that , splits in 2. Love It
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Default RE: peep dilema!!

Welcome to the forums mharris
You will definately find that todays short axle bows are much easier to shoot with a lower anchor then the long axle bows.You should find yourself anchoring somewhere on your jawbone.This will also give you much more room for your site pins adjustment.
I have used the Fletcher(held on by 2 strands of string) and the Shurz-a-peep(3 strands) personally I liked the fletcher much better.If the string ever twisted I never had a problem looking into a string strand which is very annoying as it happens on the Shurz-a-peep.
I solved my problem a few years ago and put the No-Peep by timberline on.All my problems with peep were gone.It gave me a rock solid anchor,making my accuracy much improved and have no worries about the light coming through a small hole when needed when hunting.
I'd reccomend the NP to anyone who wants to get rid of all the headaches of Peeps

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