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Form video

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Default RE: Form video

The way I look at it is that in order for there to be forward and backward movement of the arms at the shot shows that there HAS to be back tension involved.........whether that's PURE back tension or not it's still primarily back tension shooting.
I guess there are degrees of back tension and how it is used in the shot sequence and consistency is the goal.

That tension is what causes the release hand to flow backward at the shot. I believe you can control that motion essentially creating a follow through from shot to shot.
I know that when I shoot , if my back is tired or sore or injured (which coincidentally it is right now) I struggle with shot execution not from an aiming standpoint but from a release trigger one. I need that squeeze and pull through the shot that my back provides for a surprise release and if it's weak, my scores suffer.......I'll just stand there drowning because I'm out of air and have to let down and start over. I shoot a Carter thumb trigger and it looks a lot like Dave's picture as the shot goes off.

I shoot with guys who do not use back tension at's a trigger slapping , squeezing, punching, pulling mess. At the shot the bow goes, and the release hand just sits there, and even if I don't see them actually move the trigger with their hand/finger the lack of rearward movement of the release hand is a dead giveaway. Their scores lack the same consistency that their shot execution does.

And Gib if you're being coached by Larry Wise, you just listen to him and forget trying to figure out what me and Dave are doing (Even though Dave does it infinitely better than I do)'re in good hands there.
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Default RE: Form video

Milldot , I believe Dave aims with his right eye ,the way his arms move I believe is called "push/pull" . Most pepole who shoot backtention get into the habit of releaseing the arrow by twisting the release , few by contracting the back muscels , the correct way , or so Ive heard .

The thing that amazes me about Dave , in this vidieo , is his concentration , when his bow goes off , and that split second after he is dead glued to the spot hes aiming at .
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Default RE: Form video

thanks matt. i think i'll get off my horse now, whoops, thanks for being cool. larry, i believe, has the strictest definition of back tension in the business, and its the one i'm working with. he's the most qualified guy i've ever had teach me (maybe anything), and its all i've got to go on. i'll say out of 12 folks i was in school with, most better shots than me, i'm the only one still going after it the way he teaches. its just takes too long to learn. he said 8-10 months, at least. i've seen glimpses in myself of what it can do, when done the way he teaches, and its scary.

i'll also say out of all 12, i'm the only one he had no form issues to correct at all. i'm back to shooting every day (for the last 4 days). i've been letting work control me. we'll see what the next couple months bring.
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Default RE: Form video

I don't really know how you can tell from that choppy of a video, it is only a few frames of a slide show, not real video. It is deffinately not a pinky release, I own one. His pinky is not even on the release and you can see the thumb trigger. Although some backtension releases have that and it really isn't a trigger.

He has perfect follow thru, I will give him that.

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